Cleveland, OH, is getting some respect lately, being the home of the NBA champion Cavaliers and the site of the Republican National Convention. But with glory comes responsibility. The Cavaliers celebration parade left a mess in the streets, and the Republicans are on the way. Who’s going to tidy up the place?

To solve this problem, some members of the Cleveland running community asked others to come out and help clean up. After all, they’re out running around, anyway. A notice was posted on Facebook starting with:

“OK, Cleveland running community. Invite your friends and invite your peers! CALL TO ACTION. After yesterday’s CAVS parade, downtown is an absolute mess of trash and overloaded garbage cans.”

The runners were requested to meet at the West Side Market parking lot and then split into two groups, one cleaning up the Cavs parade route and the other working toward Quicken Loans Arena, where the convention will be held. The volunteers were asked to wear gloves and bring both trash bags and recycling bags. Once the bags were full, though, they could drop them along the streets. The city workers would also be out picking up, and they could take care of the bags.

It’s a civic-minded project, and every little bit helps. Cleveland is spending big bucks on the Republican convention; $50 million on security and $9.5 million on insurance alone

Ordinary Clevelanders take pride in their city, too. After all, Cleveland rocks!