Women everywhere have damaged hair. This is due to frequent use of heating tools and chemical processes. Many products claim to reverse the damaging effects these processes have on hair, but few of them are as effective as cleansing conditioner.

Cleansing conditioner takes place of conventional shampoo and conditioner. It is much gentler on hair than traditional products and works by cleansing the hair and scalp without stripping natural oils.

Cleansing conditioners have many benefits when it comes to treating damaged hair. For one, they help strengthen hair by cleansing it without the use of abrasive chemicals. This causes less damage to the hair shaft than conventional shampoo and gives hair added moisture making it stronger.

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Because of the added hydration, cleansing conditioner can also manage frizz and split ends. It is also ideal for people with color treated hair because it helps preserve dye.

There are many cleansing conditioners on the market. But to reap all the benefits it has to offer it’s important to purchase one that is free of harmful chemicals and detergents. That’s why we recommend the all-natural cleansing conditioners in the Wen hair care line of products.

Wen cleansing conditioner, created by celebrity-stylist Chaz  Dean (@CHAZDEAN), is a great example of a product that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. Their cleansing conditioner contains natural ingredients that help nourish damaged hair leaving it noticeably healthier after one use.

The Wen hair care line of products offers several different variations of their cleansing conditioner for different hair types and conditions. They include the sweet almond cleansing conditioner made for all hair types, the pomegranate cleansing conditioner also made for all hair types, the fig cleansing conditioner made for thick hair types, the lavender cleansing conditioner made to add volume to hair, the tea tree conditioner made to treat dry and itchy scalp, and the cucumber aloe cleansing conditioner made for individuals who suffer from oily scalp and dry ends. You can find the entire line of Wen’s cleansing conditioners online for purchase here.

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