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Jonathan Veitch (born in 1959) is the current president of Occidental College, a prominent Los Angeles, California liberal arts institution. The college was established in 1887 and is situated in the heart of the Eagle Rock community. Veitch’s time as president began on July 1, 2009. He’s the school’s fifteenth president. Educator Robert Skotheim served as the college president before Veitch.

Veitch grew up in Los Angeles as part of a well-known family in Hollywood. No other Occidental College president has ever been from Los Angeles. Several of Veitch’s family members were involved in the movie world. His father John worked for Columbia Pictures as the president of its worldwide productions division. His step-grandfather was Alan Ladd, a famed actor who starred in notable films such as “The Blue Dahlia” and “Shane.”

Veitch is an alumnus of Loyola High School in Los Angeles, California. He attended Stanford University for his Bachelor of Arts degree. He has a Master of Arts and PhD from Harvard University. His PhD is in the History of American Civilization. Veitch is an enthusiastic proponent of liberal arts learning.

He had ample educational experience prior to beginning work as Occidental College’s president. Veitch used to be the dean of Eugene Lang College, a part of New York, New York’s “The New School.” He spent five years at Eugene Lang College. He also used to teach at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He was an associate professor in the university’s English department, with specialties in both literature and history. Veitch spent four years total at the University of Wisconsin.

Veitch has also found some success as an author. He penned a book called “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s,” which was released in the autumn of 1997.

As an academic, Veitch has a number of research specialties. These specialties are cinema from the United States and American literature from the 1800s and 1900s. Veitch has also conducted ample research on America’s higher education past and background.

Veitch has had many big projects since beginning his presidency at Occidental College. He’s worked to better the school’s global literacy, arts and civil engagement divisions. He’s also worked to establish brand new relationships with some of the area’s leading cultural institutions.

The busy college president is married to wife Sarah. They have three children together and reside on Occidental College’s campus inside of Wallis Annenberg President’s House.