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Dr. Mark Mofid – Improving Implants

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who has several offices located in the San Diego area. He received his education at both Johns Hopkins University and Harvard. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is well known for making implants safer. He continues his research to improve implants and the surgical procedures that he performs.

Mark Mofid has been performing plastic surgery for over eight years. During his tenure, he has made substantial improvements to implants. When Dr. Mofid started performing implant surgeries, he quickly realized that improvements could be made. Understanding that the implants being used consisted of a generic design, he took the time to research and redesign the implant. He came up with an implant that was better able to be positioned with improved ratios, resulting in a better-looking version. This new design changed the industry for all implants going forward.

Being an industry leader, Dr. Mark Mofid will always strive to improve the process of the surgery and improvements to the product. He is still collaborating, exploring, and learning. He continues to work closely with Dr. Raul Gonzales, a surgeon located in Brazil. Dr. Gonzales is the most experienced gluteal implant surgeon in the world and has been working in his field since 1984.

Dr. Mark Mofid has also made improvements in gluteal augmentation surgical procedures. He is always looking for ways to improve the process. His goal is to make the surgeries for his patients as stress-free as possible. He starts out by meeting with his patients. He wants to understand what their goals and concerns are. He wants his patients to be confident from the point they walk into his office all the way through the recovery process.

As Dr. Mark Mofid continues his work as a plastic surgeon, he will always look to make his work safer for his clients. The doctor has had such success that he receives most of his clients by word of mouth. He understands how important it is to make sure his patients are completely satisfied with the results but most of all, he wants his clients to have a stress-free experience and a recovery that is comfortable for them.

Lime Crime Strikes A Nostalgic Cord With Polly Pocket Inspired Palettes

As with all things, nostalgia can be a two-edge sword. Looking back on things through the prism of today, the reality that some things just don’t hold up is apparent. Of course, the opposite is true of some things as well. When you realize how well some things hold up, the realization that they were clearly ahead of their time becomes evident. Polly Pockets, with its vibrant pastel cases and stylish doll outfits, was a stand out toy brand in years past.

They made quite an impression on some of the folks over at Lime Crime. The beauty brand has come forward with a line of products that showcase the stylings and influences of Polly Pockets toys. It is the hope of Lime Crime that their Polly Pocket inspired products make as big of a splash as the toy line did in its heyday.

Lime Crime has applied the colorful influence of Polly Pockets toy cases to its own Pocket Candy Palettes line of eyeshadow. There are presently three differently themed Pocket Candy Palettes for sale. These themes include Pink Lemonade, Sugar Plum, and Blue Bubblegum. Each one comes in a case reminiscent of the cases that Polly Pocket toys came in. Also, like the Polly Pocket toy cases, the Pocket Candy Palettes can actually be tucked away in a pocket.

Within each themed palette are five shades of eyeshadow that compliment the color and tone of that particular theme. Pocket Candy Palettes are currently priced at $34 per palette or $90 for the set of three.