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Lime Crime’s newest product launch is sure to please lip-tint-loving women worldwide. It’s called Plushies and this new lip product has been described as a “Soft Focus Lip Veil”. Lip products are quite possibly this brand’s biggest seller, although, they’re also quite well-known for their daring rainbow-colored hair dyes. In fact, the owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, has been seen wearing her company’s colorful hair trends everywhere, including many interviews where she has told her story of how Lime Crime got its start. Perhaps it’s how hot Ms. Deere looks when she’s rocking a pink or purple hairdo that prompts so many young ladies to try the Lime Crime line of amazingly innovative beauty products.

Lime Crime Rocks Ulta Beauty

Now, she’s rocking Lime Crime’s new Plushies, the perfect complement to her colorful hair trends. OK, you’ll have to admit that Doe Deere looks pretty darn good in just about anything but so can you. And, now you can also buy all of Lime Crime’s amazing products at Ulta Beauty, including press-on holographic nails and pressed eyeshadow palettes in addition to the fabulous Plushies and the unicorn-inspired Unicorn Hair dye for the color conscious. Other fan favorites will be available at Ulta.com, as well, including both the Metallic and the Matte Velvetines Liquid Lipstick, the Venus Palettes, and their new and exceedingly sexy Hot Stuff Brush Set. Not only does it contain three versatile tools for blush, powder, and contouring, but they all have handles filled with floating red glitter for added excitement and individuality.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition, for the environmentally-friendly conscious ladies, not only are Lime Crime products a huge success and a big hit with millennial shoppers, they’re also a certified cruelty-free vegan brand. And, these certifications come from both Leaping Bunny and PETA, making Lime Crime products a major hit with shoppers worldwide who are conscientious about the environment. So, when you put together Lime Crime’s innovative new products, popular new selling venue, gorgeous colors, and environmental certification, the future looks pretty bright for the lovely Doe Deere and everybody at Lime Crime.

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Did you love Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusted Lip Topper? Did you wish you had something similar to make your eyelids shimmer? You are in luck! Lime Crime has released their new Diamond Dew Lid Topper.

Diamond Dew is available in 10 fabulous shades: Chocolate Diamond, Vision, Starlight, Chameleon, Tearful, Pixie, Paris, Aurora, Rose Goals, and Dragon. With all these shades to choose from, Diamond Dew pairs well with both the Venus and Venus II palates. As with all Lime Crime products, Diamond Dew is composed of an entirely guilt-free vegan formula that is lightweight and dries immediately. No animal products, and no animal testing!

Use it alone for a shimmering pop of color, or add a little sparkle to your usual look by brushing it over your favorite shadow. Curious what it would look like on your cheeks or as body glitter? Go for it! It’s so easy to apply! Dab on with the applicator and then simply rub into place with your finger. Ring fingers work best, because they apply the least amount of pressure, preventing skin irritation and giving you more control over style. When you’re ready to turn down the sparkle, it comes right off with any standard makeup remover.

You can purchase individual shadows for $10, or take home the whole set for only $170. At these great prices, you can afford to buy some for yourself and give your friends the perfect holiday gift of glam! Visit Lime Crime’s website to buy online. And as always, you enjoy free shipping on every order over $50. Get yours now, and add a little sparkle to your life just in time for winter!

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