January 31, 2017 · Creepy · (No comments)


Nobody who understands the power of love will dare condemn a girl who sends crazy text messages to an ex-boyfriend she truly loves. However, there should be a limit to this display of emotions. Some ex-girlfriends take it to the extreme and begin churning out scary texts. I call them scary because that is what the truly are.


Fortunately, I had the privilege of reading through one of these crazy ex-girlfriends text messages to her former boyfriend. Check out some of the things I saw happen in these creepy true stories:

“You can block me”

“I won’t stop texting you”

“I hate you, ugly fucker”

“Stupid piece of shit, I hate you today too:”

“Your mom took a shit, and you came out”

“I hope you die alone, which you will”

“I wish u all the unhappiness in the world”

“I wish you failure, loneliness and death”

“I wish you failure, loneliness and death”

“I hope you are struck with a shitty job and marry a sorority mom who will cheat on you, wastes your money and shits a couple of stupid brats that will hate you”

“And I will keep going unless you block me, don’t worry, I have no shame”

“I am rich and pretty”

“I just seriously hope you didn’t inflect me with your precum”

“I will find out and keep you posted between insults”

“God, I fucking knew you were a weirdo;”

“I’m not sure if it is because you are poor or it is your IQ or just because you were born ugly”

“Tomorrow I’ll go fix my car for like a year of your salary”

“At least dad loves me”