March 11, 2018 · Dallas Drought · (No comments)

Two days of steady downpours have caused flooding in many parts of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and brought the moderate drought the region had been experiencing to an abrupt end. A report from the National Weather Service states that more than nearly four inches of rain had fallen at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport as of Wednesday evening with rain expected for the rest of the week.

This is a sudden turn of events when taken into account that just a few days ago grass fires were a concern in the area due to rain deficits on the year. The ongoing threat of flooding is now the concern for Dallas, Collin, and other counties in the eastern portion of the state and a flood advisory are in effect at least until midnight.

Inclement weather is also the news to the west as a winter weather advisory is in place through Thursday and has resulted in the closing of schools in some areas.

Temperatures dipped into the 20’s in Wise County and ice caked the roads in Jacksboro and surrounding areas.

The DFW area was not affected by ice fall on Wednesday but this could change going into Thursday as Western Tarrant County as well as Denton has the potential for icy conditions.

Rick Mitchell, chief meteorologist at a local NBC news affiliate, explained to viewers that it is likely that a brief reprieve from the rain will be granted overnight Wednesday only to return on Thursday morning.

Residents of the area can expect the temperature to remain above the freezing level and rise into the 40’s while another day of steady rains pounds the already soggy area. The forecast is near 100 percent chance for rain on Friday and should continue through Saturday.