November 17, 2017 · Airbnb, Dallas · (No comments)

A man in Dallas is starting a new company that will help out Airbnb hosts in Dallas and all over the country. David Krauss is an Airbnb host himself. He used to rent out his apartment for extra money. The problems started arising when some of his guests started throwing lavish parties. They made lots of noise, and they invited a lot of people. Neighbors got annoyed, and he received a cease and desist letter from police, as well as a complaint from the building manager.

David decided to set out on a mission to prevent it from happening again, and to help Airbnb users prevent such abuses by guests. He decided to produce something akin to a smoke detector, except that it detects noise instead of smoke, according to Forbes. Of course, it does not actually record what people are saying, so it retains the full privacy of the guests.

The Noise Alarm, as David calls it, has settings that allow you to set what constitutes too much noise, and how long it must go on before you get an alert. Once it goes over that limit, you will get an alert. You can then fix the situation before it deteriorates. This can actually help save you around two hundred and fifty dollars a month, as you will be able to avoid citations for extreme noise levels by stopping it before it is too late.

Dealing with guests who throw parties and make a lot of noise is an issue that Airbnb owners face all over the world. Jubayli, an Airbnb owner in Dubai, who also rents out properties in several countries, says that it has happened to her as well. Krauss himself believes that Noise Alarm will soon become a staple for Airbnb hosts in Dallas and elsewhere.