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Whitney Wolfe is a young powerhouse, dedicated to empowering women. After seeing a need in the dating app market for apps that made women feel more comfortable, Wolfe founded Bumble in 2014. The app requires that women be the first to approach a man they match with and initiate a conversation. The app encourages women to step up and take control, a more feminist approach to online dating apps.

In the few years since it was founded, Bumble has become one of the most popular online dating apps on the market with upwards of 20 million users. At just 28 years old, Wolfe has taken on a role as an emerging force in the tech world, and she’s not one to sell out. Forbes has reported that Wolfe turned down a $450 million offer to purchase Bumble by Match Group. Bumble’s business model is proving to be quite lucrative for Wolfe, as sales from ads and in-app purchases continue to climb.

Wolfe is not just focused on helping women garner satisfaction in their romantic lives, she’s working towards helping women get ahead in their professional lives now too. Bumble Biz is a new platform which will connect women with other professionals, thus expanding their networking capabilities. Bumble BFF allows users to find friendships using the same methods as finding dates. This is particularly useful for those who move to new cities with few contacts, it’s an easy way to get to know someone and make connections in your new home. With so much going on at Bumble, and with a book in the works, it’s no wonder Wolfe was named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 this year.

Recently married to Michael Herd in Italy, Wolfe is now trying to think about different age demographics and how she can better serve those users. She has said that getting married and being at a different stage in life has forced her to think about those that she may not have been able to identify with as a young woman. One thing is for sure though, Wolfe has a keen sense of business and a immense drive to make the world a better place for women.

Whitney Wolfe has so many accomplishments to be proud of in her short time as CEO of Bumble. She’s managed to take some of the anxiety out of dating with an app that is specifically geared towards female empowerment, and she has no plans to stop anytime soon. She uses her resources to help create a better world for women, and the world is so excited to see what she brings next.

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Whitney Wolfe is quickly becoming a female role model for her success in business and her empowerment of women. The success of her app “Bumble” has largely come about due to the criteria that the woman has to take the lead for an online match to move any further. In real life, Wolfe unapologetically took the lead in the winter of 2013 when meeting restaurateur Michael Herd for the first time in Aspen, introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Wolfe dared him to spend some of his Aspen trip actually skiing, after he admitted he was inexperienced.

After their first run down the hill together, they didn’t see each other until January of the following year; however, they spent much of the time in between chatting with each other on the phone. Highlights of their relationship include the next Valentine’s Day, where they officially started dating, and a proposal the following June.

Fast forward to the most hectic time in most women’s lives: the planning of the wedding. Wolfe was inspired by the work of Cynthia Cook Smith and brought her on as wedding stylist, along with wedding planner Diana Sorenson. Always bold, Wolfe and Herd, with their team, planned the entire event at Villa Tre Ville in Italy – which neither of them had ever seen in person. The element of surprise, they hoped, would be just as beautiful for them as for their attendees.

After enjoying a few days of splendor and perfect weather leading up to the ceremony, the couple planned an extensive itinerary where each day was unique, starting with a vintage evening of dinner and dancing in Capri. This was followed by a relaxing Thursday afternoon and an Italian traditional festival lighting by the water that evening. Keeping with the truly Italian feel they desired for their big weekend, the evening included Italian musicians playing classics to the couple and their attendees as they sailed along peacefully on Italian boats from the port to the beach club.

The wedding itself was even more surprising than Wolfe and Herd had bargained for, with the land having not only its first rain shower in five months, but a flash flood. Bold as always, the couple danced in the rain with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, postponing the ceremony until the rain cleared up that evening – taking it all as a traditional Italian sign of cleansing rain and new beginnings. The ceremony itself took place that evening after the dedicated crew of bridesmaids and groomsmen, with of course, the soon-to-be married couple themselves, taking towels to all of the seats. The sun shone through with just enough daylight left for a whimsical ceremony, and even allowed time for photos.

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Living in a city without friends can be stressing. Individuals without friends may have no one to hang out with during the weekends, someone to visit them, and even a shopping buddy. This lonely environment is about to change with Bumble’s introduction of a new social application, the Bumble BFF.

The social platform, which will be launched by Whitney Wolfe, will serve as a place where one can meet a best friend, wing woman or a workout partner. This platform diverges far from the traditional dating applications that are centered towards ensuring that the users find romantic partners.

Bumble BFF is available for download on App Store for the users of Apple devices and Google Play Store for android lovers. One can easily find the application by searching the phrase ‘Bumble’ on the platforms. After downloading the application, a new user can sign in using his or her Facebook account. From the settings button, one can choose the Bumble BFF. This site enables the application to change from the traditional dating platform to a friend-making platform. What is outstanding about Bumble BFF is that it understands that its users are only interested in making friends and not dating. Whitney Wolfe designed that app in such a way that if one is interested in meeting new friends, the app will remove his or her profile from the dating side of the platform.

The creation of the Bumble BFF was Bumble’s response to the overwhelming demand from its clients to continue using the application even after finding their matches. These individuals wanted the ability to switch from searching for a romantic partner to locating a friend seamlessly. Before the introduction of Bumble BFF, Bumble users had to use ‘same gender’ to help them narrow down to potential friends. However, this process had its own challenges, as many people thought they were either lesbians or gays. With the new platform, the awkwardness will be eliminated, thus easing the process of searching for friends.

The BFF feature is useful to individuals who are new in a city or in a given vocation. Such people are usually in an environment where everyone is new and creating friends using the traditional way is difficult. Bumble BFF helps these individuals to enhance their success in friend searching by providing them with the profiles of other individuals in the locality that are also looking for friends.

Whitney Wolfe is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and executive. She is Bumble’s founder and chief executive officer. Formerly, the Austin-based leader worked for Tinder, a dating platform that she helped to incorporate. Whitney Wolfe is working towards making Bumble and its brands house hold names in the US and beyond.

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SKOUT is the smart social connections app that runs on most modern Internet-connected devices to help people find events and acquaint them with strangers with like interests, that soon become friends. Superheros are what you make of them, they say, and SKOUT has branched out in a big way to make potentially anyone a superhero. On National Superhero Day, which this year was on April 28th, all the profits SKOUT made went to the Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area chapter.

The goal was to completely pay for the fulfillment of at least one terminally ill, or otherwise medically challenged, child’s dearest wish. All that was required is that people download the SKOUT app to their smartphone, or many other kinds of internet accessible devices, and send SKOUT superhero virtual gifts to whomever they wished. Each gift sent from inside the app added more money to the total SKOUT donation to help a kid in real crisis have a happier, more joyful existence during a very hard time in his or her life.

SKOUT’s founder and CEO, Christian Wiklund, came to the idea after he got the results of a detailed survey completed by many SKOUT member users. It turns out, 80% of those surveyed said they really wished they could be a real in-the-flesh superhero, if someone could wave a magic wand and say, “let it be so.” So, Wiklund made it so. He found a fun and socially engaging way to help out a little dude with cancer or other life-threatening illness, and make everybody who stepped up feel like an authentic superhero. Needless to say, Wiklund was ecstatic about the whole thing. He knew that people like to send little gifts to each other. And, he knew how great all those SKOUT members would feel about contributing in that way.

The mobile smart device app is called SKOUT, and so is the company, still run expertly by Christian Wiklund. He has made the app available on numerous devices with several different platforms supported. With SKOUT there is no worry about meeting strangers. You can do it virtually for the very first meeting of someone new. Plus, SKOUT coordinates finding interesting events and then introducing you to other people who are also interested. Birds of a feather flock together. It is available in most countries of the world and in 16 languages as well.

The Greater Bay Area’s chapter of the Make-A-Wish® foundation has been working hard to grant ill children’s wishes for over 32 years now. Their mission is to help terminally ill kids forget about their sad situations, if only for a little bit. This chapter of the organization received a lump-sum donation from SKOUT that will help a kid in real need at least achieve one wish.

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