It is possible that there will be a new bike sharing program in New York City. Department of Transportation officials have looked into various dockless bike sharing systems. They have been asking companies that operate such dockless bike sharing systems how they can use their services in New York City. This is a challenge to Citi Bike, which until now has had a monopoly on the bike sharing program in New York City.

The Department of Transportation has said in a statement that they are indeed looking at various other options for the city’s bike sharing program. However, they said, they are mainly looking at ways they can expand the Citi Bike bike sharing program that they already have.

The company that operates the city’s current bike sharing program is Motivate. Theoretically, Motivate can also develop their own dockless bike sharing program. Motivate does not want any competition from other companies from outside the city. However, the Department of Transportation has been talking to other companies for almost a year while also talking with Motivate in order to find a way to expand the current bike sharing program.

A dockless bike sharing program will offer many benefits that a regular bike sharing program does not have. Residents will be able to find bikes from their smartphone. In addition, the program will not take up the parking space that a regular bike sharing program takes up. However, there are advantages that a dockless bike sharing program does not have. Indeed, cities that have been using a dockless bike sharing program, such as Washington, DC, have faced some problems with their bike sharing program. For example, there is a concern that people will just leave bikes wherever they feel like leaving them.