February 10, 2018 · Dog Park, Palm Beach County · (No comments)

A park in Palm Beach County, FL, recently became the scene of a bitter attack involving two dogs. The attack occurred on Saturday afternoon. A woman was walking her Yorkshire terrier like she normally does in Okeeheelee Park. However, there was a pit bull in the park as well. The pit bull attacked the smaller dog and killed it, also injuring a man in the park who was trying to keep the pair away from each other.

There is an area for dogs inside the park. The Yorkshire and the pit bull were in the dog area at the time of the attack. An officer called animal control shortly after receiving a report that the dog was killed and that the man was injured. An officer from animal control arrived at the park and found the pit bull tied to a tree. The police officer who contacted animal control was standing beside him. As officers tried to approach the animal, they soon discovered that he was agitated and aggressive.

With the proper tools and training, the animal control officer used a pole to put a collar on the dog so that he could be put in a crate. Vincent Johnson was hurt by the dog as he tried to keep it away from the smaller one. He saw the owner of the terrier her dogs in the park when the attack happened. The pit bull was loose, and there wasn’t anyone near the dog at the time of the attack. The smaller dog was relieving itself when the larger dog attacked. Johnson attempted to get the pit bull in time, but it was too late. A man was located in the park who claimed that he had found the dog earlier in the day and was going to take the dog to a shelter. The man will now receive several charges because he was the last one responsible for the animal.