June 18, 2015 · Drought · (No comments)

The Small Community of Mountain House Had Its Only Water Source Cut Off By The State

California water shortage stories are not going away. The state is trying to avoid a possible disaster by putting a mandatory water reduction policy in place, but not everyone is happy about how that policy is being enforced, especially the small community of Mountain House. The Byron-Bethany Irrigation District is the town’s only source of water, and the state cut off that water supply when the state told senior water rights holders to stop using water. The Byron-Bethany District is one of 114 senior water right holders affected by the cut-off.

Mountain House will not only be unable to water lawns, but the residents may not have water to drink. But wait! One of the residents of this community has been hoarding drinking water in case of an emergency. Anthony Gordon has 500 gallons of drinkable water stored, and he is willing to share it with his neighbors.

Gordon’s gesture is appreciated, but the community still needs to find another source for water. According to ServiceMesh Ceo Eric Pulier, the General Manager of the town says they have enough to last another six months, but that could change depending on the weather.