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Most know Dick Devos from his time as the President and CEO of Amway. However, Amway is in the rear view for Devos who has recently been getting more involved with politics. His work and campaign for governor in 2006 almost was successful. However, he moved back into the business world after his campaign ended. His wife, however, became the US Education Secretary. Betsy Devos has also helped with a variety of aviation projects, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which she helped Dick co-found.


At around the time of Devos’ first departure from Amway in the 1990s, Devos was working with business leaders to come up with more ideas for employment and economy in downtown Grand Rapids. In addition, Devos saw opportunities like the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. His whole goal was to increase what the businesses were doing in the area to bring in more commerce. That started by building up the downtown center and then expanding into other areas, like the international airport.


Devos saw that the airport was the greatest way to employ more people from Grand Rapids and set up a great international flight center for those traveling from Canada and Mexico. Grand Rapids’ airport would eventually become a large international travel destination, but it wasn’t until after Devos made a phone call in the early 2000s. Devos talked to the CEO of Air Train Airways and convinced the airline to put in four new destinations at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


This helped the airline build up sales, but it also helped the airport bring in new interest for those who wanted to go to new destinations, including St. Louis, Denver, Orlando, and Vegas. After the rise in ticket sales, other airlines wanted to come to the airport as well, eventually leading to a $45 million renovation to help expand the airport. Now the new airport will have a new business traveler area, food court upgrades, and terminal technology additions.


While most people don’t realize that Devos has been involved in aviation, he has been a pilot for many years and retains multiple licenses for jets and helicopters. His work with the aviation academy sets him apart than others on the council as he has both business end training experience. This knowledge gives him some insight into how the market and industry works, as well as how it can be supported by pilots to have new growth.


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Orange Coast College is a campus based in southern California and founded in 1947; the learning facility offers cutting edge technology and more than 135 career choices for students. The institution reentry came up with the state of the art recycling facility, which it has offered the public for use. The facility accommodates all types of trash including glass containers, aluminum cans, metal scraps and plastic materials.


The staffs of the facility offer payment to visitors who bring certain types of trash such empty bottle cans and HDPE plastics. The service allows the community to bring in some of the unused electronics including computers, projectors, fax machines, etc. according to the New York Times and the national library of electronic machines equipment have become problematic to dispose of. However, the facility does not accept batteries, motor oil paint, chemicals and hazardous waste.


The newly built facility offers, conference rooms, adequate parking space, first aid rooms and emergency showers. The program is a decade worth of achievement of the community because with it comes employment opportunities for the students and also the locals. The eco-friendly direction it has taken curbs the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and lower the cost of energy used.


The recycling program is useful in that it prevents the locals from dumping materials in the water and the forest. Aside from freeing up space in homes, the facility allows the people to earn a small income therefore at the end of the day it’s a win-win situation. The plant runs on solar power thus making it environmental friendly .the program raised funds for the program from multiple sources including government bonds whose funds channeled for making improvements. The facility also received funds from an Arizona based company that recycles materials in Colorado and its environs. As a gesture of appreciation, OCC named some of the classes after the CR&R founder Cliff Ronnenberg and his wife.


The program geared towards improving the lives of students and improving infrastructures on campus to make it easier for drivers on their way around campus. The facility is part of the college vision 2020 development program which they have already checked off the list. Learn more:


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The story of Betsy DeVos is perhaps the most inspiring story a young woman would like to hear. Her determination to develop a new education system for Americans is outstanding. Betsy is described as a career woman. Her passion for charity is unmatched as she uses most of her earnings to reach out to the less fortunate. Betsy DeVos is dedicated to her passion of giving Americans the American dream. Her money has swum into philanthropy. With politics being her business at times, Betsy has delved into giving back as her major means of establishing platforms for interaction. The millions from her family charity organization have been spent in finding power to chair reforms. Betsy DeVos has given most of her fortune to philanthropy since 1989.




Betsy is always assisted by Dick DeVos, her husband. A look at the series of events points at the couple giving most of their money to education reforms. Perhaps this explains her appointment as the education secretary. The family foundation is also one key area of investment for Betsy. According to POLITICO, the foundation is worth millions. The report was issued by the family foundation. Over $ 10 million has been dished out of the foundation to other charity organizations. Betsy is a true reflection of what a reformer should be. In addition to the amount, there has been a report claiming that Betsy has pledged $ 3.2 million that will come in grants in the next years.


Education Reforms


In matters of education reforms, Success Academy has been a beneficiary. The school received $ 150,000 from the family foundation thanks to Betsy’s determination to champion the school reforms. There is also an additional $150,000 pledge that is set to be part of Betsy’s contribution to the school’s development. When she was interviewed by Roundtable, Betsy DeVos stated that she has spent most of her time developing strategies that can be used to transform the education system. Her philanthropy is linked to decades of assisting school advocacy. Her commitment to assisting scholars is owed to her visit at one of the schools.




Betsy DeVos is a board member in many organizations. She chairs American Institute of Public Policy. Her passion to develop school reforms is tied to her donations. In 2015, she offered $ 750,000 to a think-tank in Washington D.C. This was channeled to beneficiaries of the think-tank. It was an additional, positive move. Additionally, DeVos parted with $ 10,000, an amount channeled to Institute for Justice. This is a not-for-profit for organization that has funded lawsuit schools across the country. Betsy continues to pledge towards reforms. Her dedication is appended to chairing reforms that will bring change to the world.


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This year, just like any other years in the recent past, Orange Coast College (OCC) participated in the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship competitions. In the regatta held on May 2017, OCC men’s rowing team made the community college proud by being among the institutions in the top ten positions. OCC, established in 1947, has had the water sport for over 60 years. The college has a well-equipped boathouse, David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. The center houses several boasts some of which cost as high as $55,000. The rowing center is an enough display of the college’s commitment to rowing.

The community college is proud of its achievements regarding rowing. So far, the college has 11 national titles. The latest title was bestowed on the college last year. Some of OCC’s students have gone ahead to compete in world championships and the Olympics courtesy of the sport. Learn more:

As the college receives several titles and recognition, OCC’s students who participate in the water sport derive value from the sport. Daniel Amado, who is the member of the men’s rowing team and doubles up as the captain, says that the sport teaches students physical and mental skills that empower them to face challenges in life. Another member of the team, John Kinnear, praises rowing for its ability to cultivate virtues such as teamwork.

Although rowing is one is an amateur sport, it calls for a certain level of commitment and dedication from participants. In OCC, over 80 students enroll in rowing at the start of the school year. However, the many hours and manual labor (evidenced by blisters on the hands of many rowers) demanded by the sport discourage some students who eventually give up. Only about half of the students who enroll manage to stay in the team.

Presently, the OCC’s men rowing team is headed by two gentlemen (Cameron Brown and Steve Morris). The two coaches are knowledgeable about rowing. They dedicate a lot of time to making the OCC’s team among the best teams nationally. Steve Morris, the assistant coach, is a former student of OCC. While in campus, he was the coxswain of the team. Learn more: