February 18, 2017 · California, El Nino · (No comments)

If you’ve been following weather-related news in recent years, it should come as no surprise that the state of California has been suffering from a severe drought for quite some time now. In particular, Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area has recently experienced some of its driest years in history. Last year, Californians had hoped that the arrival of El Nino would materialize in the form of some much-needed wet weather. However, residents were let down when the “rainy” season came and went without actually providing very much rain.


By the end of June 2016, Los Angeles had experienced its driest five year period in over 140 years. However, things are finally turning around for California as the past few weeks have been some of the wettest the state has had in years. Los Angeles has experienced over 200% of its typical average rainfall, which equates to almost the same amount that the city typically expects to receive in a year. Three separate storms have hit Los Angeles in the past five days, leaving little time for the typical dryness to settle back in.


While the recent surge in rainy weather is not projected to cure Southern California of its drought conditions, it may finally be a sign of things headed in the right direction. Los Angeles has historically been a city with water-sourcing issues, but nothing has compared to the past few years. As such, the rainy weather is a welcome change for Southern California residents who are hoping that these recent storms may bring about a new weather trend for the Los Angeles area.