Ashley Lightspeed has a proven record of accomplishment in prototyping. She uses these skills to contribute to the development of prominent companies.

Ashley Lightspeed began this skill from her childhood; she used to see her father draft thing in their garage. She then impressed the capability of developing new ideas, products, business models and services. However, she now works to oversee the development and future of business in modern times. See articles at

Her role at lightspeed

She is an integral member of lightspeed; she utilizes her skills in everyday practices. She has brought a different perspective when it comes to creating trends and spotting. She has also helped lightspeed to diversify in its operations through insights in the female-driven consumer markets. This insight has proved to drive the market in the United States of America and the world at large.

Career development

After graduating from Duke University in Copenhagen, Ashley Lightspeed went to work as a consultant at Giant Brain and company. She worked there for some time and learned not to rely on skills but also use sophisticated tools to shape actionable business intelligence.

She was later recruited in Thumbtack. This startup tech company connected local clients with a professional. Ashley helped this company to develop events and wedding platform. She saw the company to become a significant online market for hiring event-related services. As she worked here, she was inspired by her clients and hence went in to study sociology.

She learned to use the customer’s feedback to improve the quality of services she offered. She learned that customer is ever right and she tallied all the commendations from clients, the one with many clients won and was to be rectified. That is how she has shaped the companies she ever worked with. Find out more:


Ashley Lightspeed is an excellent business professional with vast experience in consultancy and customer service. Ashley started her career at Bain firm after completing her studies where she carried out consultation duties. During this period, Ashley spent several years guiding clients on various innovative ways and ideas to improve and grow their business. Ashley later moved to Thumbtack in a capacity of being the manager .At this company, she was responsible for overseeing the customers experience in the wedding and event department. Ashley gained a lot of experience in customer relation during her time at the two companies before she moved to Lightspeed Venture Partners. To know more about Ashley Lightspeed follow her at

Ashley Lightspeed Role at Lightspeed Venture Partners

A Lightspeed venture partner was established in the year 1999 with the aim of helping startup business to thrive and grow economically. It was easy for Ashley Lightspeed to join the company since she had a dream of helping people with the interest of starting their own business during her work at Thumbtack and Bain. At Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley holds the responsibility of looking out for potential startups that the company can successfully engage into doing business.

Ashley relationship has attributed to great success to the Lightspeed Venture Partners due to her talent and passion about business. The company has managed to help over 300 startups to begin their business and thrive during hard economic times. Ashley approaches various clients on behalf of the company and describes the services they offer to clients before signing of agreement deals. Contracts and arrangements with Lightspeed Ventures are done at an agreed fee. Companies and individuals who have engaged in business with the Lightspeed partners have archived a lot of success with the help of Ashley due to her experience. It is important to seek for consultancy service of Lightspeed Venture before starting your business to avoid simple challenges.

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Marc Beer is an entrepreneur whose work great work has helped many women across the world. The exemplary businessman has initially acquired training in medicine but as he started his career, he developed an interest in the business. He founded the successful pharmaceutical company known as Renovia Inc. which has contributed to the improvement of the health of many women. One of Marc Beer’s greatest passions is helping women get back their health. This is why he purposed to develop a company that would produce quality and affordable products for them. His concern about women developed as early as when he was in college and has persisted up to date.

He heads the company and through his efforts and determination in his work, he has been able to make the company a great and renowned company all over the world; competing with other great pharmaceutical companies. He never got business training in school; rather, he acquired it through working with as a salesperson with Abbott Laboratories. There, he learned how to combine his knowledge in medicine with business and that is when the idea of founding Renovia came from. He has also worked in other pharmaceutical and business companies which have added to his knowledge.

Marc Beer founded Renovia Inc. so that he would be able to help women. The company developed quality health products which were for the purpose of helping women with weak pelvic floor disorder. He has carried out research and noticed that this was a common disorder among many women across the world. He sought to make a difference in their lives through his company. The products were carefully tested by FDA and were approved to be safe for women to use. The Pelvic floor disorder also known as Urinary Incontinence is a disorder is a problem that affects many women around the world and many physicians carry out awareness campaigns advising many women to go for screening.

Marc Beers has been able to join physicians such as Samantha Pulliam who also works as an MD at Renovia to carry out screening for women around the world. Marc Beers recently managed to close a deal for Renovia. The company acquired a sum of $42.5 million of funds which have greatly helped the company carry out its work. Some of the money will be used to improve the products and also increase the number of products produced by the company. This will help meet the constant demands in the market. in addition to that, Renovia is a company that appreciates innovation and technology, therefore, some of the money will be used to come up with new technologically advanced equipment that will greatly deliver the best medical health care for the clients. Learn more:


Es Eden currently serves as principal and chairman to the board of the investment company he helped establish two decades ago. His roles here include serving as its chief investment officer, leading the company’s subprime lending investment division, and heading some of its subsidiaries like New Fortress energy and Nationstar Mortgage. But how did he end up here? How did his education and career prepare him for such big roles in the financial sector?

Education and career

Wes Edens was always interested in business and finance and this explains why he pursued a bachelor of science in Finance and business administration from Oregon University. His entry into the field started soon after graduation when he secured a position with Lehman Brothers. His hard work and key analytical skills saw climb up the corporate ladder within the company. By the time he left in 1993, Wes had already made partner and held the managing directors’ position.

Leaving Lehman brothers, Wes Edens landed at Blackrock investment where he served as the inventors managing director until 1997 It was during his stint here that he met yet another finance and investment world enthusiast Randal Nardone. Together, they birthed the idea of establishing a private hedge fund. They would leave in Blackrock in 1997, meet and partner with such other investment industry players as Robert Kaufman, Peter Brigers, and Michael Edward with whom they started Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Check out to read more about Wes Edens

All-rounded success in life

Eden’s brush with success extends far beyond his role within Fortress investment group. He has used the financial investment skills and expertise gained over the years to create a fortune for himself in the form of private investments. The subprime lending titan first ventured into private investments when he co-purchased Milwaukee Bucks a struggling NBA franchise.

Most recently, Wes Edens partnered with Nassef Sawiris, a North African Billionaire to purchase yet another struggling sports club Aston Villa that he hopes to transform into a football giant and valid competitor for the all-popular Champions Leagues in Europe. While he acquired both investments on their dying bed, Edens is confident that he can replicate his achievements with such Subprime companies as Springleaf Financial Services and help them get back to profitability within a short time.