March 15, 2018 · Fashion Industry · (No comments)

Vegan makeup are beauty products that do not contain any animal ingredients and are manufactured and created in a completely cruelty free and humane manner. How do you find out if your makeup is Vegan and cruelty free? This is easier than you might expect. Beauty products that are Vegan and cruelty free have symbols on the label to allow people to easily know whether the beauty products they are interested in purchasing meet the customer’s requirements. The Vegan symbol on beauty products is the same as the Vegan symbol on food products. It should be an upper case “V”. A human and animal cruelty free beauty product should have a rabbit on the label. One beauty brand that is both cruelty free and Vegan is the LimeCrime beauty brand.

After perusing the bright colors sold by the LimeCrime company, it may be surprising that the company uses only Vegan ingredients in all of the cosmetics. Many Vegan ingredient beauty products have underwhelming color results. The makeup chemists who work for the brand managed to craft highly pigmented makeup products in the lab.

The Vegan makeup products that are available from the business includes lip colors, eyeshadows, hair color, and face highlighter. The makeup company is primarily known for their Vegan Unicorn Lipstick and Velvetines liquid to matte lip colors. They sell nearly every color under the sun from their lip color selections. Every season the company manages to create some new and unique colors to sell. The eye makeup colors that the brand sells are made up of bright pastel hues, smoky effects, and neutral tones for more subdued makeup.

Vegan and cruelty free focused consumers can find LimeCrime products online and at select retailers. This might be the right brand for you if you like Vegan and high colored makeup. Check out the website and the cosmetics brand’s social media pages for more information.