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Fabletics is slowly becoming the brand that women are checking out exclusively for working out. This company has emerged with a victory because it has been marketed well, and millions seem to be getting familiar with the brand through social media and television marketing. This has become an awesome company that piques the interest of the working class, celebrities and supermodels.

Social media has become the norm for getting new information out to the mainstream. Fabletics is the company that has pushed forward with social media because the founders of this company are keeping their ears to the street. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg – along with Kate Hudson – are the founders of Fabletics. These two business tycoons have also been behind successful websites like Intelligent Beauty and JustFab. They worked at MySpace at one time, and this was the dawn of social media. This company would fade out, but Ressler and Goldenberg knew that social media would still be the best vehicle for connecting to customers. That is the main reason that there is such a huge social media presence right now.

More people are discovering this company because Kate Hudson is talking about it. She has spoken to magazines like Marie Claire about this company. Hudson has also appeared in the commercials for this company. It is like she has taken on the role to move to the front line with promoting this company. She has been in a few movies, but the bulk of her time in the last several years has been dedicated to building up Fabletics. Now there a lot of interest in what Krazy Coupon Lady is doing because she has used her celebrity appeal to move this company up in the ranks.

There are strong signs of her genius displayed in the way that she advertises the brand on Pinterest. She could have gone out to get models to put on the clothes for this website, but she has been modeling a lot of the clothes herself. What people have realized is that Hudson is wearing the clothes that she is marketing to people. That makes customers pay attention. Fabletics appear to be the brand that she doing more than endorsing. Hudson is actually designing the clothes from this brand.

Working out is something that a lot of people just do not want to do. Working out in style, however, has made women much more comfortable.

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