As Amtrak service renews today on the Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia route, federal transportation investigators, including help from the FBI are examining the cause of window damage to the derailed Amtrak train 118, which resulted in the death of eight people and the injury of 200 more. An engineer on the doomed train reported hearing an object striking the train right before the train derailed. Investigators have learned that two other reports were noted by either passengers or employees of Amtrak also hearing something strike their train along the same stretch of track. Amtrak officials have been careful to note that their is no immediate connection between the reported incidents and the derailment of the train but noted that their investigation will continue.

According to Ray Lane, investigators are focusing on damage to the first car window of train 118, which they do not believe was caused by the derailment. Officials would not speculate whether the damage was caused by a bullet or rock but simply stated that the damage was caused by a projectile. FBI forensics expert are examining all aspect of the wrecked train to uncover clues and their findings will be an official part of the final report which will present the events which lead up to the cause of the Amtrak train derailment. The attorney for the conductor/engineer still states that his client does not have any recollection of the derailment and has not been able to assist investigators. FBI To Investigate Cause of Window Damage on Derailed Amtrak Train.