Equities First Holdings is a business that operates in various parts of the world. The firm is financial lending institutions which provide a alternative methods of financing business activities as well as personal needs. The organization is offering shareholding loan which are far much better than other types of loans in terms of benefits they bring to the borrower. Equities-based loans have low interest rates meaning that borrowers will not incur huge costs when repaying the loans. Another thing about stock-based loans is that they come at a fixed interest rate. So, when a borrower is repaying, the repayment amount won’t keep on fluctuating as it happens with other loans.

Equities First Holding was formed to offer borrowers a chance to use their shares in publicly traded companies as collateral for borrowing. This is one method which has gained a huge follower-ship as borrowers are tired of the tough regulations and guidelines they encounter when approaching banks to look for financing. Equities First Holdings has simply eased the way business is done by ensuring that only the best services reach their clients. Equities First Holdings services are available in various locations including Melbourne, Australia where the firm has one of the most vibrant offices.

The leadership of a company contributes to the success of the firm. The senior individuals of the company are the ones who make major decisions of the company. They also determine the spirit and the behavior of the employees within the organization. It is, therefore, important that the board of directors of a company do exclusive research on who they give the positions.


Willis Towers Watson is a global company that has been on the market since time immemorial. They have decades of excellence in their field. The reputation of such an organization is critical and need to be upheld.


Michael Burwell is set to join the organization as the new Chief Financial Officer. He will be replacing Roger Millay, who retired voluntarily after many years of serving the firm. The firm is confident with Michael Burwell based on his past experiences. Burwell was previously working at PwC in the finance department for 31 years. He has served in multiple positions as well, which have elevated his experience in the field. He has worked as the Head of Transaction Services in the United States, Head of Global Transformation and Chief Financial Officer in the United States. See This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell also has experience on Transaction Services advisory of 12 years, and 11 years of audit experience. This experience will help him in running Willis Towers Watson.


The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, John Haley is very positive that the new developments will help propel the company to the next level. In his statement, he said that they are very excited to welcome Mike to the team. He said the fact that he has experience in running a global company, he is confident that Michael Burwell will help achieve the goals of the firm. He also praised his ability to lead and manage the company.


John Haley did not forget to show his appreciation to the former Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay. He thanked him for his services saying that the company was in a better position than it was when he joined. His creativity and highly innovative skills have led to improved performance of the company.


Michael Burwell also showed his appreciation for the position. He mentioned that he realized the company was in pretty good shape, thanks to the organized structure of the firm. He is very excited to join the team. He pledged to give his total contribution to see that the goals of Willis Towers Watson are accomplished.


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Jeff Yastine; a financial advisor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Total Wealth Insider’s editor is Jeff Yastine. He was head of editing in Banyan Hill Publishing before being the editor of the said magazine. He has had 20 years of experience in stock market investing and financial journalism. Jeff did his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications at the University of Florida. He writes for Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor and Winning Investor daily. His articles help investors to know more about business, economics and where and how to invest their money on. Jeff is an Emmy nominated correspondent at PBS Nightly Business. He has interviewed many successful investors and entrepreneurs and has the insight of investing secrets. Some of them are Michael Dell, Steve Forbes, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and several others. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

His articles have helped investors on opportunities ranging from small-cap growth stocks, large companies, big box, agriculture retail to biopharmaceuticals businesses. He has reported grand national events like Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Hurricane Katrina, the handover of Panama Canal among others. Jeff has gone to Cuba two times to report the importance of investing on the country. In 20, he was nominated for Business Emmy Award for his captivating report on underfunded roads, bridges and other U.S government infrastructure. He was among the journalists who worn the Financial Journalism Award in New York for his report on nation’s bond market.

Jeff Yastine made a video about Kennedy Accounts that went viral. He reveals how John F. Kennedy created accounts with a specific goal of getting America moving. A Kennedy Account can turn a $ 500 investments to $1.19 million. This sure is the best place to invest your money on. Some of the investment opportunities that have soared are; Royal Caribbean, Carnival Corp., Petmed Express, SBA Communications and Mako Surgical. Jeff Yastine recommends investing in Currency Shares Japanese Yen Trust, ING Group, Nidec Corp., Wheaton Precious Metals among others. He says that risk is inevitable in business, so one has to expect declines at some point but hopes for inclines in stock markets. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

Solar revolution has been downplayed by wall street for ages. Jeff thinks that the innovation has more to it than the way it is valued. Due to this, he urges his readers to invest in Solar Power. There are two ruling made concerning the opportunity. One, residents who have a home storage unit will pay an investment tax credit. Two, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has guided the U.S grid operators to ensure that there is enough energy storage for their power networks in a year. Jeff believes that the rulings will make residents and companies to invest vastly in solar generating systems.

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