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Robert Ivy: Recognition for a Lifetime of Work in Architecture

On June 2nd Robert Ivy received the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award alongside fellow recipient and stain-glass artist Andrew Cary Young. Though far from his first recognition for his talent and enthusiasm for the art of architecture Ivy said at the ceremony that “…There is no greater honor than to be recognized by my home state…” He went on to say that sharing the award with so many of his childhood heroes from Mississippi was a part of that honor. He credited Mississippi with introducing him to art and architecture.

The first architect to receive the award in its history, Robert Ivy has been decorated for his work in architecture before. He was given the title of “Master Architect” by nation architectural fraternity Alpha Ro Chi. Ivy is the first and so far only architect to be given this award in the 21st century. He is also only of seven architects to ever receive this prestigious title alongside such architectural luminaries such as I.M. Pei and R Buckminster Fuller.Ivy received his education at Sewanee and then from Tulane University in Louisiana. Robert Ivy has also has a Fellowship from The American Institute of Architects of which he is also the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer.

During his time there he has increased the organizations public profile and it has attained its highest membership since its founding 160 years ago in 1857.Before he joined The American Institute of Architect Robert Ivy worked for McGraw-Hill Publishing. He served as Editor In Chief of “Architectural Record” which became the most widely circulated architectural magazine on the globe. He also helped McGraw-hill expand into markets in the Middle East and China. He also founded the mandarin language edition of “Architectural Record.”Robert Ivy is also well known for his biography of Frank Lloyd Wright devotee Fay Jones. Published in 2001 and titled “Fay Jones” Architect” the book is currently on its third printing. He was also honored with the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture in 2017.

Equities First Holdings News: What to Know

While you have have been searching for good news online, have you ever wondered as to why you can only find the bad news? This is because almost everything that reporters are making their big stories on is bad. However, with the article on news about Equities First Holdings, you can finally get that good news you have been needing. EFH has made all of their clients learn how to trust them, and that is hard to accomplish with so many companies ripping everyone off these days and making everyone not willing to trust companies. With this trust that they have earned, it is easy to know why everyone of their clients is happy to see that they are going forward with their partnership to  EFC company and funding them.

About EFH

The Equities First Holdings company has never let a client down, and the alternative shareholder financing services that they do provide also come with their great expertise, care, and resources.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a global leader in the issuance of the alternative financial solutions. As a matter of fact, the company has developed high-end capabilities that have seen it through this impending financial crisis. During a harsh economic climate, here is always inevitable market fluctuation. However, the company has seen more traction among the intake of stock-based loans over the credit-based loans. High intake management also characterizes the harsh economic environment. As a matter of act, the company has come to develop high-end capabilities that assist its business during the harsh economic season. High-interest rates associated with the credit-based loans during this period act as the building block for business to thrive. As a matter of fact, we might have noticed that the company endeavors to sustain its business in a manner that is not matched in this industry.

Equities First Holdings has also seen increased traction on the intake of the fast working capital during these months of higher stability and financial insatiability. For this reason, they have sat down to expand their loan provision capabilities that can be used to access a better way of management during this harsh economic weather. For the borrowers whose main duty is to have the money raised in the fastest way possible, thy must avoid the use of credit-based loans and accept the code of conduct based on this insatiability facility. As a matter of fact, no company is willing to access your private data in any incoming compaction. Therefore accessing your worst fears will confirm to the company that you have more access to any of the company’s immediate instability facility.

While you have other options of alternative sources of finance during a harsh economic condition, you might have to consider that the credit-based solution is always out of your reach. For this matter, you will consider other sources of raising money like accessing the stock-based. For the stock-based loans, they have a non-recourse feature that has the biggest powers in any loan environment. For this feature, you can access any other instability and leave the loan without worrying about repaying it back. For this reason, you will walk away and have access to all the facility management services that create better business through its management services.Al Christy is the Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings. According to him, most people do not understand that stock based loans are different in nature from the margin loans.

Professional Excellence of David Giertz

June 6th, 2017 Update:
Worth a read, David Giertz’s take on what younger people can do to make sure they can retire when the time comes. You don’t want to outlive your money, and you do not want to be working into your 70s. . .unless you really love your job. David’s advice is worth perusing here:

Mr David Giertz has amassed over three decades of professional expertise in the industry of progressional finance. He is a versed leader, and his latest position has been the one of the president of the business of Nationwide Financial’s department of sales and distribution. Mr David Giertz was highly successful at his job as president, and his achievement was bringing the company from $11 billion of yearly revenue to $18 billion per year. Currently, Mr David Giertz lives with his family in Columbus, Ohio Area.

Mr David Giertz became an integral part of Nationwide Financial in June 2004 on He is an expert in the fields of distribution, retirement plans, wholesale strategies, independent brokers, regional firms, annuities, wire houses and much more. Mr David Giertz is a former student of the Millikin University from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. After he had graduated, he went on to earn his master’s degree in the same disciplines from the University of Miami – School of Business at Currently, Mr David Giertz is at the position of industry arbitrator for the company FINRA. He is a part of the Millikin university’s Board of Trustees.

In a recent interview, Mr David Giertz talked about the importance of communication between financial advisors and their clients. More specifically, he talked about the NFS Distributors’ survey from a few months ago. The findings were that financial advisors would not talk about social security with their clients as much as they are supposed to. He advised financial advisors to change that since it is extremely important for people who have or are about to retire on The survey showed that most people would try to find a different financial advisor if the topic of social security is not going to be covered by their current one.

David Giertz – Globally Acclaimed Financial Expert Speaks on the Importance of Social Security for Retirement Planning

David Giertz is regarded as one of the most experienced financial experts in the United States and is often consulted on media networks related to finance sector regarding financial market trends, investment, and all things finance. He presently serves as the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc, which is the distribution wing of Nationwide Financial Services Inc.

Recently in an interview on Wall Street Journal, David Giertz highlighted the importance of retirement planning and why people should not neglect the inclusion of social security in their retirement planning. He said that as per the research was done by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute; there are thousands and potentially millions of people in the country who do not have social security included in their retirement planning or have opted out of it unknowingly due to their financial advisors at

David Giertz mentioned that as per the research, many of the financial advisors find it difficult to convey the rules, regulations, and benefits of social security to their clients. It is for this reason; financial advisors try to avoid the complexity from their job by just not informing their customers about the social security or how important it is as a long-term wealth creation plan on In the interview, David Giertz also mentioned that most of the clients consulted during the survey confessed to being unhappy with their financial advisors and were ready to switch their financial advisors if the existing one does not help them with social security inclusion in their retirement planning.

David Giertz has been active in the financial sector for over three decades and is a graduate of Millikin University from where he completed Bachelor in Science. David Giertz did his Masters in Business Administration from the Miami University. As the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc, David Giertz has helped with increase the sales turnover of the firm exponentially while also helping with enhancing brand reputation in the finance space.