In Tampa, Florida, some residents this week have gone to local websites to debate whether or not the city should permit business owners to prohibit children from entering their premises. The issue stemmed from a policy change at a popular craft beer brewery and pizza parlor forbidding parents from bringing their youngsters to the outdoor restaurant. The issue has generated strong opinions on both sides.

Irresponsible Adults

Troy Taylor established a popular dining venue and craft beer brewery called “Hampton Station” in 2015 in the Seminole Heights area. His business includes an outdoor dining area adjoining a congested highway. He reluctantly decided to ban children from his business completely after witnessing an incident which he concluded might have resulted in a terrible accident. The prospect of facing business liability because of the possibility of parents failing to watch their offspring during visits to the outdoor dining area finally caused him to reach his decision.

On October 24th, he notified customers they could no longer bring their children to his restaurant. The decision resulted in an angry responses from some irate parents. Some social media sites serving Tampa residents reported visitors posting conflicting opinions about the decision.

An Issue of Safety

The decision to restrict the restaurant only to adults please some customers and dismayed others. Troy Taylor noted many of the patrons who visit his establishment order alcoholic beverages at the bar; he believes his decision ultimately will promote child safety. Quite a number of his customers with children have expressed agreement with the new policy, in fact.

The business owner hopes upset patrons will stop complaining online. He appealed to Tampa residents who disagreed with him to respect his opinion, even if they disliked the new policy. He urged everyone to “respect each other.”

When it comes to the many states that dot this nation’s storied history, none have generated more controversy and ire than the great state of Florida. From election scandals to prescription opiate abuse epidemics, it seems that the sunshine state cannot escape the glaring eye of a novel human interest story. This latest piece of juicy news comes from the humble city of Tampa Bay, FL. With the upcoming speech by President Donald Trump creeping over the horizon like a foul cloud of noxious fumes, sycophant lawmakers from all around the state have begun publicly inviting their esteemed guests.


While the honor of attending a Presidential speech is already something to take note of, it is the wide array of surprising invitees that has the world so abuzz. Senator Marco Rubio kicked off the unorthodox role call, inviting Florida Senator Joe Negron as his guest. Negron, an alumni of various prestigious places of higher education such as Harvard, has been an esteemed part of the Floridian political body. He is joined by Grace Nelson, guest and wife of Senator Bill Nelson.


While Joe Negron may not have been the first guess for guest at a Presidential function, some of the other invited guests seemed to be living props, spearheads for pointed statements. Christine Leinonen, mother of one of the 49 victims in the Pulse nightclub shooting, found her invitation in the mail courtesy of Representative Val Demings. In a similar move, Representative Stephanie Murphy extended her invitation to Marc Levy, a surgeon who tirelessly worked to save the lives of Pulse night club shooting victims. It would appear that many attendees at this speech, most notably from the House, have a very clear message for the President and all visiting with him.