July 1, 2015 · Girl Scouts · (No comments)

Everyone knows who the Girl Scouts are, an organization dedicated to equipping girls with the skills needed for the future. They are more than just the smiling faces that sell delicious cookies every year. The Western Washington chapter received a huge donation in the amount of $100,000. The group was astonished and thrilled, it was enough to send 500 girls to camp. Shortly after Caitlyn Jenner came out as a transsexual individual the donor sent the Girl Scout s a letter stipulating that their donation should be not be used on transgender girls and if they could not abide that rule then to kindly return the money. Blogspot reported the money was returned because never for a moment would the Scouts consider turning away girls from their organization. They in turn released a video saying that Girl Scouts is “#foreverygirl” and were astounded that people donated to their cause and almost doubled in initial donation. Those girls learned that hate does not pay off but the generosity of others, out of the kindness of their hearts, is priceless.