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A job allows people to use their talents and use them well. When people have a job that is satisfying and even fun, they can have a fulfilling career. A job can also provide with the a means to support themselves and other family members. This is something that those at IAP Worldwide know very well. At this company, the emphasis is on helping all of their employees to develop their talents and develop them well. Working at this company means joining a team of happy employees who are grateful for the chance to participate in projects that help lead to varied and interesting career. This is one of the largest employers in the entire country. Each year, IAP Worldwide Services officials scour the nation looking for talent to come on board and participate in the company’s important mission. They know that they can provide a working environment that encourages creativity and devotion to great products.

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A Magnificent History

IAP Worldwide Services was founded as the very famous Pan Am airlines. Pan Am was one of the industry’s most important pioneers in creating routes all over the world for those wishing to take this new means of exotic travel. Their intrepid engineers and explorers enabled company officials to offer services to many places all over the world in a safe and enjoyable plane. Since that time, the company has expanded into many new industries. Company officials of IAP Worldwide Services have also been involved in many important endeavors such as the first space launch facility in the entire country. They offered backup for flights into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was the devotion to excellence here that caught the public’s attention and imagination. Building on this legacy has been the aim of company managers ever since.

Applying For A Job

Those who want to join the team of professional experts here can apply for various positions in IAP Worldwide Services. Company officials hire in many places including states like Maryland and Virginia or as far away as places such as Bagram, Afghanistan for those who prefer to experience new worlds and new locations they might not get to see otherwise in person. Applications for an open position can be made via an online process. Any applicant can apply for a given position online by sending a resume and a cover letter. Each application is carefully considered in order to determine if the applicant is right for it.

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Within the United States and around the world, IAP Worldwide has been called on whenever natural disaster has attacked an area. It should come as no surprise that IAP Worldwide Services has been called on to assist with Hurricane Matthew. IAP services have been needed all over the East Coast.

IAP Worldwide has placed headquarters in several different cities within several different states all along the East Coast. All of these headquarter stations were filled with hundreds of employees. These employees were all sent to these stations for different reasons on Some employees needed to work in the electrical area to provide power to homes and buildings. Other employees needed to bring food and water to people; still other employees needed to provide counseling to certain individuals.

What’s even more amazing is that city governments paid IAP Worldwide for use of their services throughout the public. This meant that restaurants and recreational facilities were able to use IAP Worldwide Services at no cost to the owner(s). IAP therefore lowered the price of their services to better serve the government and its people. Overall, IAP Worldwide has helped over one million people during Hurricane Matthew. This was one of the biggest disasters that IAP has ever been involved in.

In addition to have a strong business, IAP Worldwide also has a strong presence in the world of social media. The organization has an account set up with all of the major social media companies. The main social media account associated with IAP Worldwide is Facebook. IAP has over one million followers on Facebook, and they are receiving more on a daily basis.

The Facebook page hosted by IAP Worldwide Services is updated every few hours. All of their important information is posted every single day. This includes the current jobs that have been taken by IAP. Additionally, information is posted on a daily basis regarding job openings that are available with IAP. IAP also does something meaningful for all special occasions. Whether it’s veterans or a major holiday, IAP Worldwide Services will put forth some type of statement on Facebook to show emotion for the special occasion.

IAP Worldwide wants to do more for its followers. The organization is considering doing something like a giveaway or the like. They enjoy having many followers and hope to see more individuals liking/following their page. IAP Worldwide is also planning to offer more interaction between their management department and their followers.

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IAP Worldwide is a major defense firm running supply and logistics operations to support U.S. ground forces around the world. They recently won a spot on the Navy’s Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II, worth up to $900 million. They are one of only four companies to land the coveted position. The contract is for indefinite delivery and indefinite quantities.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, put out the contract. Doug Kitani, IAP’s Director and CEO stated they were proud to support the Navy’s Global Contingency Services. They understood they would face challenging circumstances, and provide high standards and expertise.

The services the Navy needs, under the contract, include support for Naval facilities in the event of natural disasters, humanitarian relief missions and support of the Navy during all military conflicts. The contract runs through September 2024.

IAP is currently working on the first version of the Navy’s Global Contingency Services. They are executing Task Orders supporting NAVFAC. They have a great reputation for carrying out their contingency-based contracts with the United States military services. They are the only company since 1996 the Air Force selected for all four of its Contract Augmentation Programs. IAP is working with ECC as a joint venture team.

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IAP Worldwide’s headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, Florida, but they operate in numerous locations around the world. They have offices in Panama City, Panama, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

In June they won a $15.6 million contract with the Navy to support operations at the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River, Maryland on Facebook. They are responsible for all management, labor, supplies, training and equipment necessary to running the base. They are even responsible for the base swimming pool. The contract goes through June 2017, and its value could grow up to $45 million.

Just recently in November, IAP Worldwide Services won a Navy contract to support the Take Charge and Move Out Command Post equipment for aircraft and support. That is worth $61.3 million. TACAMO is a system designed to maintain communications between the country’s political decision makers and the military in the event of nuclear war. The completion date is November 2017.

In October IAP won a contract with the U.S. Army to support its Distributed Common Ground System at Fort Hood, Texas and other locations. They’ll perform the work under the Rapid Response Third Generation (R23G) contract. That is the Army’s primary system for providing commanders with vital data about ground conditions where they are fighting. The contract is for $53 million.


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Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) global company that provides logistics, advanced technical services, facilities management, and advanced professional services. Employing over 2,000 people in over 25 countries, IAP works to solve challenges worldwide that people are faced with.

IAP works with the “unexpected.” For example, they were recently activated to provide assistance and emergency power during Hurricane Matthew for vulnerable FEMA region. IAP Worldwide deployed several teams to the Initial Support Bases on the East Coast, in Fort Bragg and Orlando, to help several states prepare for the critical regional effort.

From natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew, to overseas battlefields, IAP is quick to act and has the experience to efficiently make plans and implement them for complicated challenges. IAP is able to deliver the professionals, the technology, and the program management that is needed in order to support its customers’ global workforce flexibility needs.

With over 60 years in business, IAP has built a solid reputation as a reliable leader in the market, They are consistently able to exceed customer expectations. IAP aims to set itself apart by adopting their customers’ missions and creating inventive solutions with positive results.

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IAP is able to define their success through the way they treat their customers, as well as fellow business leaders and communities. When a partner teams up with IAP, they pride themselves in listening to the ultimate goals of their clients and adopting them as their own.

IAP has a long historic history, with the Pan Am World Services, Inc. beginning to build and operate America’s premier space launch complex base. This company on Monster supports the testing for over 2,500 launches, including not only the early air-breathing missiles, but also the manned shuttle program. For the following 45 years, IAP began to provide full support of facilities maintenance, including the planning of airports, engineering services, and construction management.

Leap forward to 2005, and IAP has acquired two businesses, JCWS, as well as its wholly-owned subsidiary, Readiness Management Support to create IAP Worldwide Services. They are then specializing in three lines of business, including base operations support systems, global operations and logistics, and technical services. IAP continues to build on its reputation and experience solving complex problems and responding to environmental changes.

Today, IAP supports personnel at dozens of military installations worldwide. Their work in science and technology helps take pressure off of their customers by focusing on their own missions. During disastrous times, IAP responds quickly to provide supplies and services that are needed.