June 11, 2017 · Global-Tel-Link · (No comments)

While family members, friends and loved ones of incarcerated individuals are familiar with Global-Tel-Link which allows them to receive telephone calls from an inmate, a recent news article indicates that Global-Tel-Link is about to enter the world of cyberspace. Headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C. With corporate offices in Reston, Virginia, associate Brian Peters feels that usage of these mini-electronic tablets will provide a positive incentive for inmates.


Slated to be manufactured by the Inmate Applications & Hardware division of Global-Tel-Link, these devices will provide inmates with a more effective and efficient way to file grievances and to keep abreast of correctional facility news relative to educational and employment programs available to them.


While the aforementioned services will be provided free-of-charge, these tablets will also allow inmates to occupy their time with streaming music, e-reader books and games at a cost of $1.99 for a seven-day subscription and the capability to sign up for a maximum of 30 days of usage at a time. The only sector of cyberspace that inmates will not be able to access is Internet search engines.


To be launched at Middle River Regional Jail in Verona, Virginia, on Monday, May 29, 2017 the tablets will be powered by a portable charging station where individual units will be inserted into a dock-style charger as opposed to a traditional USB charger.



Head MMRJ Corrections Officer Eric Young is eager for the tablet usage to begin for minimum-security inmates and those enrolled in the jail’s work release and workforce programs. Tablet usage hours are 9:30 A.M. To 9 P.M. According to Officer Young, inmates will not be made aware of the capacity of the system to allow corrections personnel to filter and control any material accessible via a tablet.


According to Brian Peters, Global-Tel-Link anticipates a rapid growth in the production and distribution of these tablets to correctional facilities before the end of 2017.