The investment world is generally a place of stability and predictability. For the most part people do not deviate too far from what they do all the time. However, there are some innovators in this space that are not afraid to step out and give things a try when they get the chance. Reuters writes that Brad Reifler is one of those people. He has developed a new way for people to invest in the market even if they make only a modest income.

His funds are created to help those who are not as well served in the investment community. It is his goal to find the people who fit into that category and help them get started. Since investment firms have relied on providing services to the super wealthy for so long, the group that has not been tapped into as much are those with middle incomes.

Forefront Capital is the name of the firm that Reifler is the CEO of. Forefront offers terms that let investors get into the market for as small of an investment as $2,500. It may sound like a lot of money to some people, but most middle income households with stable jobs are able to save up at least that amount. They can continue to add to that fund over time as needed, but for the most part this is a great way to start out the fund.

There are too many people who feel that they cannot get into the investment game at all. With this being the case, Forefront has tried to change this belief and offer funds to people who feel this way. It is starting to work and those who have even modest incomes can now have experts working for them to get their funds into the market and spread around appropriately.