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It is becoming standard business practice to retain a highly reputable reputation management firm. Surviving the troll assaults of the modern Internet information-overload age requires this new reflective focus. And in the old days, this was a fairly low-touch problem. Usually having a manager make a phone call was all that was ever required. Perhaps satisfaction required giving up some free product. These are not those simple days. Many modern companies find themselves in need of internet reputation repair.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become more science and less art. There is a lot more to it than simply remediating damage to a company’s or a person’s reputation. It now involves forming the mind share image of the organization in their customers’ minds. It is so easy for your customers to post anything they want to about your business on social media and other online web sites while it’s hard for you to fix negative search results. When any negative message is shared online, it can have a more damaging effect than many people seem to suspect.

A full 68 percent of most consumers trust online reviews. According to research, 86 percent of people who use the Internet for social media are affected by negative reviews of companies and individuals. Word of mouth can blow up your brand into a major force. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged digital sword. A few nasty comments can be quite damaging to your business leaving you screaming “Fix my online reputation!” This is most dominant in the statistics when the word of mouth is from family or very close friends.

Both Angie’s List and Yelp are quite popular online sites for this very reason. Increasingly, profits are based on the online buzz about your business’s performance. A number of companies have gone down into bankruptcy because of unwarranted online trolling. The Search Fixers are the firm you need whenever you need to fix bad reviews especially when these  3 critical elements are present:


  • Damage to the company is intended


  • Use of defamatory language


  • Lies about the particulars of the company

It might be a former employee who misbehaved that strikes back through anonymous false accusations against your company. It does not matter the cause, The Search Fixers reputation management consultants are able to help you gain a second chance with everyone anywhere in the world. With their assistance, you can even define your own image to be made viral via online media and connections. Their process is intense and repeatedly effective. Give them a call or visit their web site to discuss how they can help you gain global mind share or resolve some incidents of bad PR your firm is currently experiencing.