E-governe is a technology company that is a partnership of three leading information technology solutions providers. These are Minauro, Consult, and SisterPlan. It provides cutting edge technologies, data protection and flexible modular systems for public agencies. The company partners with local solutions providers and state agencies to upgrade government systems into the digital era. The enterprise platform the group implements is aimed at helping agencies achieve better efficiency and service delivery.


The government can cut costs and collect more revenue. Citizens can enjoy efficient services that have a positive impact on their lives. The system has various modules. Some of the ones in use cover human resources, education, public health and the state administration departments among others. The digital platform presents a new media for a government to interact with its citizens.


The E-governe group has created smart cities in Curitiba. Municipal and city state agencies are proudly using the group’s system in Parana, Teresina, Osasco and Vitoria among others. City agencies are optimistic that reduced wastage and improved collections will enable better service delivery and an extended reach.


The group is changing the way the government provides essential services such as education. For example, Osasco municipality recently adopted the e-government system to cover its education department headquarters, 138 city schools and the Continuing Education Center. The system allows data security, real-time reports and seamless access to education services through the internet. This has enabled better service delivery and collaboration with the various stakeholders in the education sector.


Health departments using the system are enjoying orderly queues and reduced wait times for service. They are serving higher numbers of people. On-site managers can make quick decisions on the ground to avoid bottlenecks in service delivery. They can also monitor their funding allocations, supplies and authorizations more transparently. Partner organizations can follow the flow of traffic between them and share important details that are vital to improving service.


The human resources module aims to enhance the quality of life of civil servants. It enables professional growth opportunities and performance-based reward systems. The system helps state agencies reduce their payroll budgets and improve employee welfare. Data analysis and feedback systems are enabling state agencies to obtain valuable feedback essential in shaping local policy. More Brazilians can enjoy quality healthcare as a result.


E-governe’s services are available on digital platforms. You can access state services through your mobile device or a regular browser eliminating any extra investment on the side of the user. More devices are being connected daily. This opens up countless other opportunities for the discerning investor. The group has positioned itself right in the middle of this expected boom with smart cities, a connected administration, and other public institutions. The group is enabling value and accountability in government.


Besides obtaining essential government services such as licensing and document renewals, citizens have a platform to provide feedback to the government without waiting for elections. E-governe is providing the government platform of the future. The group is expected to get more public organizations on board and extend the numerous benefits to the citizens for a better quality of life.https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Governe/325368564267182