February 22, 2017 · Hair Care Line · (No comments)

When it comes to women’s hair, we take it very seriously. We all have our beauty routines with shampooing and conditioning. We think we are doing the very best for our precious locks, but Chaz Dean says otherwise.

The famous west coast stylist should know, because he’s tended to the hair and scalps of famous stars for a number of years now. Chaz Dean creates full, healthy shines tresses with a unique method, the no lather shampoo.

It sounds crazy and almost impossible, until you understand the science of shampoo formulas. Most of the brands we buy contain nasty chemicals, and these ingredients gradually weaken the hair shaft and rob strands of their shine. Most women get fooled, because they love the huge lather their hair care products produce, but the chemical lather is the problem.

That’s why Chaz Dean carefully developed his world-famous WEN By Chaz brand. His special cleansing conditioners don’t require lather to thoroughly wash and condition the hair. His botanically-based cleansing conditioners are designed for all hair types of every ethnicity for hair in any condition.

WEN’s no lather shampoo system puts the bounce and beauty back into hair, as natural and pure ingredients blend together to moisturize and strengthen. Your comb will slide through your mane, because that’s how amazing these botanical formulas perform. Tea tree oil, rosemary extract, lavender and pomegranate are just a few of these effective hair restorers. More than 40 million bottles have been sold.

WEN even offers a children’s version of the same no lather shampoo concept. WEN Kids is a popular line of cleansing conditioners. Like the adult version, the collection of hair care products is gentle and grows healthy hair.

Once you sample WEN, you will see the shiny, voluminous difference. Check out the brand here.