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Top Weight Loss Programs You Definitely Need to Try

There are several weight loss programs out there. They work in different ways. There are others which combine diet and workouts while others rely solely on diet to help individuals lose weight. If you are looking for the best weight loss program, then it is necessary for you to carry out research and know the best program which you can employ in your weigh loss. Some of the factors you should take into consideration in your choice of weight loss program include the number of days you will have to undertake the program. There are others which can run for more than two months while others promise quick results. The cost of the programs also matter. There are others which adhere to strict foods provided by companies hence they will cost more while others are affordable.

Top weight loss programs you need to try

  1. Nutrisystem weight loss program

It is among the most effect weight loss program out there. It is a 28 day program which does not restrict you on portions or the type of food you can eat. Nutrisystem cost provides for almost all the foods you can use in the program. The experts at the company manufacture the food in such a way it helps individuals lose weight. The company supplies all the food you need to eat within the period under which the program will run. For example, they will avail food for your desert, breakfast, lunch and even diner.

The plan restricts use on pregnant women and those who have kidney disease. Some of the ingredient of the program in breakfast include muffins, oatmeal, pancakes ad granola. During lunch, you can eat tacos, pasta, chicken, chili, soup among other foods. For the case of deserts and snacks, the program allows you to eat cake, brownies or even cookies. There is a long list of vegetable and fruits which the program recommends. Some of the food groups which Nutrisystem focuses on include smart carbohydrates, limited calorie, limited sodium among other foods which are carefully formulated to help you lose weight.

  1. The Paleo Diet

It is a program which advocates for modern day human to eat food similar to those their ancestors ate. It focuses on what humans ate which was genetically designed before the development of agriculture. The theory tries to link modern day diet to the western diet and consumption of grains as well as processed foods. The program relies on several health benefits realized after individuals decide to rely on the program.

  1. The Vegan Diet

The diet is based on vegetarians who don’t eat any animal products. The program tends to execute all forms of animal products based on cruelty posed to animals in accessing the products. Other benefits which the program developers argue on include health benefits of eating plant based products and the environmental benefits of relying solely on plant based products. The high fiber and low fat content of foods obtained from plants makes the product among the most effective ways to lose calories even without counting on calories in each meal. Vegan diet is the strictest form of vegetarians. It eliminates all forms of animal products from foods eaten by individuals hence it leads to fat loss in general. Animals food products are generally high in calories, if you can decide to do away with them, then you are assured of losing weight. It is a program which can be used over a long period.

  1. The Dukan Diet

It is a weight loss program which is high in protein and low on carb. It can be split into four phases where two phases involve weight loss and the other two involve maintenance. The amount of time you will spend in each phase is determined by the number of calories you will like to lose in the long run. The program works in such a way you are supposed to eat unlimited amount of high protein and mandatory oat bran. Other phases you will be required to add non starchy vegetable and some carbs and fats. There are a lot of scientific literatures which has published several health benefits associated with the program. If you are looking to lose weight, it is a program you can try in your weight loss journey. It promises several benefits in the long run.

Osteoarthritis reprieve found at Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey shore

Arthritis is a disease that has been causing the most cases of disabilities in the United States. Unlike what most people think, arthritis is not a single disease rather a term meaning joint pain or a joint disease. It existed in more than 100 types and affected more than 50 million adults in the United States. This disease has mostly been known to affect women (HealthGrades). Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, and it is described by the degeneration of cartilage where the soft tissue between joints wears out. Upon wearing out, the bones start rubbing against each other causing pain, swelling, and even stiffness. Repeated cartilage breakdown may ultimately lead to the pain becoming chronic. This may not have a cure, but there are various treatment options to manage it.

One may get this disease from several risk factors like excess weight, age, family history, or a previous injury. While the cure is not yet known, it is the patient to commit them to self-management. This can help in reducing the speed and possibility of the impact of the disease. The self-management process entails a series of various steps. These steps are inclusive of exercise, daily routine, and medical treatments. The daily routine may be a gentle exercise before bed or even right reading and sitting postures while the exercises may be low impact aerobic exercises. Cycling and even progressive strength gaining. The known medications are NSAIDS, topical analgesics, and acetaminophen. You may, however, have to consult your physician on the best one to work for you. In a situation where the medicines do not respond to the patient then they may consider surgical operations to save lives.

Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore is well equipped with professionals and modern technology to help patients get back on their feet once more. They have advanced OA knee treatment that will help patients get proper treatment. This institute is run by the principle that every individual deserves a chance to try every option there is to avoid having to undergo a procedure. They charge no fee for introductory screening to find out if their treatment options could work for you.

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Renown Health is Expanding

This spring, the Renown Health will open a new family clinic in South Reno to provide primary care and laboratory services. According to the medical director of Renown, Dr. McCormack, the health center’s goal is to help its clients access its services more comfortably. They also want to make the space more flexible and increase the number of services and amenities offered.

As per the current state of things in the healthcare space, Renown is holding back on some services until the issue of Donald Trump and his intention to repeal Obamacare is determined.

The South Reno Clinic will start off with 11 staff members, but Renown is planning one more physician and nurse practitioner to the team.

Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC won the bid to be the contractors for the project. The architecture and design work was done Eric Fong of MBA Architects. Forbes engineering performed the interior design and structural work. MSA Engineering Consultants also supported the project by doing the electrical, plumbing and mechanical part. In total over 10 independent contractors were involved in the project.

Dr. McCormack attributes the need for more clinics to an improved economy, the growing population in Meadows and the greater access to health insurance facilities.

About Renown Health

Renown Health is the largest, not-for-profit healthcare provider in Northern Nevada that is locally owned. The center provides health services like x-ray, lab services, urgent care centers, imaging issues among other services. The experts, – over 6000 nurses, caregivers, and doctors, at the facility are committed to giving the patients excellent medical services.

The not-for-profit nature of the business allows all the earnings received by the facility to be reinvested back to it to provide better services to the community. Since there are no owners or stakeholders to please, Renown’s only goal is to satisfy the needs of its patients. Click here to follow Renown at Twitter.

Renown boasts of 12 healthcare clinics distributed all over Reno-Sparks, Fallon, Carson city, and Fernley.

Recipes From Will Have You Feeling Healthy and Rejuvenated

Many people struggle with losing or maintaining their goal weight. They try as hard as they can by working out constantly and trying to eat healthy but sometimes it feels that it’s just not making a difference. That’s when a little bit of help is needed. That’s exactly why Dherbs Inc. exists. makes the case that is around to help everyone live their healthiest life possible. They’re the number one alternative medicine store. They exist to help people choose what supplements are best for their body, what cleanses to use, and what recipes to try. All of those components go together to make a person feel their healthiest. has every part of healthy living covered, including those with vegan needs. Over the years, they’ve developed an extensive list of recipes that help boost a person’s metabolism, immune system, and more! They offer lots of healthy benefits and taste delicious. They’ve got everything from breakfast foods to smoothies and snacks in between!


As per the recipes available, even has healthy desserts for those who have a sweet tooth. One popular recipe is their Raw Fudge Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting. These cupcakes taste like what you’d find at the bakery but include healthy ingredients. The cupcakes are made up of raw nuts, agave, sea salt, coconut oil, dates, cacao, and hemp seeds. They’re quick and easy to make and they’re easy to customize. If you want them less sweet, include less agave! These cupcakes are healthy and delicious for those when you’re craving dessert. Many people break their diets because they have a sweet tooth, this is a way to fix that!


Dherbs recipe list is also packed full of powerful smoothies! Smoothies are great because you can take them on the go. Their pineapple enzyme banana smoothie is perfect for those who have eaten too many animal products or have allergy or sinus issues. All you have to do is blend together orange juice, pineapple, banana, papaya, coconut water ice, lemon juice, agave, cayenne, and some ginger. The combination of these fruits and spices will clear out your sinuses and having you feeling amazing in no time.  Many of these have been reviewed as a part of look into  The review is definitely worth reading, or you can see Sheryl Underwood break it down on YouTube as well.


Overall, Dherbs has you covered when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Zika Now Locally Acquired in Miami

Zika has now made it’s way to Miami Beach, Florida. According to The Huffington Post evidence of local transmission of the virus in Miami confirms the fear that the virus would spread to the US and the mosquito population here.

The virus, which has grabbed headlines over the year as it has spread rapidly in South America, is known to cause an extremely rare birth defect, microcephaly. The defect causes abnormally small heads and development problems in new born infants.

As of now no travel warnings have been issues yet, this due to the fact officials are still trying to decide which area or areas to include in such a warning. However, an announcement is expected to be made Friday morning.

As of now there have been 35 cases of transmission suspected to be local in nature in the state.

The Miami region is one of the worlds premier travel and vacation areas. If people are afraid to travel it could devastate the local economies there. Worse even, perhaps, the people who do indeed travel to infected regions could bring the virus back with them and start the spread of it in new locations. People infected in Miami bitten by mosquitoes back home could start the spread of the virus locally there too. Over 15.5 million people spent at least one night in Miami last year directly spending 24.4 billion dollars according to Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

President Barack Obama requested 1.9 billion dollars from Congress back in February. The bill passed in the House of Representatives (although they slashed the amount in half) but ended up dying in a divided Senate. Congress has since adjourned on its summer break meaning no new measures to combat the spread of the virus on a federal level can be implemented until their return.

Zika Virus Confirmed in 14 People North of Miami

The Zika virus has health officials and the Centers for Disease Control concerned about a small community just north of Miami. According to CNN, 14 people in the community were infected with the Zika virus after mosquitos bit them. The CDC issued a travel warning for the area, which is the first time in the history of the agency that it issued a warning against traveling to any community in the United States.

The CDC and Florida governor Rick Scott advised pregnant women to avoid the area for fear of catching the virus. Health officials believe that a widespread outbreak of the virus in the area is highly unlikely, but warns people in the area to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Gov. Scott asked that the CDC activate an emergency response team to the area.

The Zika virus is starting to hit epidemic proportions in Central American countries and Puerto Rico. Over 60 countries across the globe are at risk of a widespread Zika outbreak. The Olympic Games are under close scrutiny by health officials because of the virus and the fear that athletes may contract the virus due to a poor economic and social climate in Brazil.

The CDC recommends that pregnant women who live in or travel to the area just north of Miami should receive testing for the Zika virus. The CDC also recommends that everyone in the area should take preventative measures to avoid mosquito bites. The Zika virus is known to cause birth defects in the fetuses of pregnant women.

Zika Virus Spreads in Miami

For the first time in its history, the CDC has issued a travel warning about a city in mainland United States. The warning applies to Wynwood, a neighborhood in northern Miami, Florida, in which multiple people have contracted the Zika virus. The CDC advises pregnant women and their partners to avoid travel to this location. The organization also suggests that healthy women put any pregnancy plans on pause until the outbreak is under control.

This is just the latest blow to Miami tourism since the Zika outbreak began. So far 15 patients have been diagnosed. Experts fear the threat could grow, since the number of carrier mosquitoes has shown no decrease.

Infected Aedes species mosquitoes spread the virus through their bites, which can occur during the day or at night. An infected person can also spread the virus through sexual contact, and pregnant women can spread the virus to their fetus.

Symptoms include fever, joint pain, red eyes, muscle pain, rashes and headaches. Most Zika infections are mild and don’t require treatment. However, for pregnant women, Zika causes a severe fetal brain defect called microcephaly in their child.

The CDC advises Miami residents and travelers to take precautions, such as using insect repellent, wearing protective clothing, using mosquito netting and avoiding swampy areas where mosquitoes thrive.

Residents or travelers who are concerned about the virus hould visit a doctor or other healthcare provider. There are blood and urine tests that can confirm an infection. Treatment includes rest, increased fluid intake to prevent dehydration and the use of painkillers to reduce pain and fever. People who suspect they have Zika should avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and refrain from sexual activities.

14 cases of Zika reported in Miami, Florida

Miami residents are on the alert after Florida state authorities revealed a total of 14 cases of Zika, the mosquito-borne virus that is linked to microcephaly and other serious birth defects. Pregnant women, in particular, are taking extra precautions this week, wearing long-sleeved shirts, staying indoors as much as possible and, perhaps most importantly, trying to stay calm.

Florida authorities announced suspected cases of Zika two weeks ago and confirmed them just a week ago. Since then, authorities have pinpointed one square mile of Miami called Wynwood where the outbreak is concentrated. Pregnant women have been warned to stay away from the area, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an unprecedented travel warning, saying that women who have been to Miami recently should not try to get pregnant for two months.

In addition, police are going door-to-door in that neighborhood, trying to warn residents of the dangers of Zika and handing out bug spray to homeless people and other pedestrians. And the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, asked the federal government for help to prevent a bigger epidemic.

Worldwide, Zika has been linked to more than 1,700 cases of microencephaly, a serious birth defect that results in brain malformation. The virus is transmitted via the bite of an infected mosquito, from a pregnant mother to her unborn fetus, through sexual intercourse or blood transfusion.


Zika Spreads To Care Giver

Most people have heard of the Zika virus. It’s a virus that usually affects pregnant women and can lead to severe birth defects. It is often spread by mosquitoes. However, a patient in Utah recently died from the virus, and the person spread the virus to a caregiver. No one knows how the virus was spread as it’s usually done so through other forms of contact instead of simply touching someone while giving care.

Zika is a virus that is usually only spread sexually or if the person is bit by a mosquito carrying the disease. Since a caregiver was infected, it shows that doctors don’t know everything about the virus. They don’t know how it’s transmitted, and that’s what’s frightening. It could be spread from one person to another like the common cold. If this is the case, then the virus could end up spreading like wildfire, killing adults and children in a short time. The privacy of the patient who died and the health care worker are preventing a lot from being said about what happened.

However, if this turns into a national emergency as it could, then information needs to be released so that people know what to look for if they think that they are sick. A vaccine needs to be given as soon as possible to prevent this type of situation from taking place again.