February 12, 2018 · High-Speed Rail · (No comments)

With more than 50,000 Texans making the trip between Dallas and Houston each week, the idea for a high-speed train that would cut the time for this commute from a four hour trip to a 90 minute one is appealing to many.

The project has an estimated price tag of $15 billion attached to it and the public will have the opportunity to voice there opinion on the subject for the first time at hearings to be held in Dallas and Corsicana.

The Federal Railroad Committee released a 1200 page report in December that it calls an environmental impact document. In the report, there is detailed information regarding the locations of potential stations and routes that could be used. The hearings are the next step in the process that officials hope will lead to the construction of the rail system.

Not all area residents are as enthused about the matter however as a group of homeowners has banded together to form the group Texans Against High-Speed Rail. The group has given notice to all concerned that they plan to attend the hearings and present evidence to demonstrate what they consider to be detrimental consequences that would result if the rail is built.

The hearing in Dallas on Monday will take place at Wilmer-Hutching High School. The Corsicana hearing will be held in Navarro County at Corsicana Middle School. Both hearings will take place from 5 to 9 P.M.

Interested parties can also have their voices heard by the Federal Railroad Commission online. This option will be available until February 19.