(BILLINGS, MT) — It is now known simply as Highway Three. But if the Yellowstone County Commissioners get their wish, one stretch of it could be renamed in honor of a late politician.


At their meeting Tuesday, the commissioners voted to rename a portion of Highway Three in honor of U.S. Senator Conrad Burns, who served Montana from 1989-2007. Burns passed away last April at the age of 81. The recommendation was made by Commissioner Denis Pitman, who said Burns did a lot for Billings and the surrounding communities. He pointed out one of the projects Burns helped with was the METRA multi-purpose arena, which seats 12,000 and hosts a variety of events each year. Your text to link…


The portion of Highway Three targeted for renaming in Senator Burns’s honor is between Main Street and the roundabout at the Billings Logan International Airport. The Yellowstone County Commissioners will send a letter to the state transportation department, seeking their approval for the name change. There is no word yet on when that decision should be made. If and when it is approved, a memorial sign with Senator Burns’s name will be erected on that stretch of Highway Three.


Burns was born in Gallatin, Missouri in 1935 and graduated from the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture. After serving for two years in the United States Marine Corps, Burns moved to Montana, where he worked as a magazine, TV, and radio reporter. He later established the Northern Agriculture Network, which grew to 31 radio stations and six TV stations. After serving on the Yellowstone County Commission, he won a seat in the U.S. Senate, and became Montana’s longest serving Republican senator.