Rural, low-income areas like the cities of Asheboro and Ramseur, North Carolina, are often underserved by physicians and other healthcare professionals. People in rural North Carolina not only generally have low disposable income, but sometimes have trouble even traversing to doctors’ offices. Fortunately for the hard-working citizens of North Carolina, Dr. Imran Haque is a physician that provides a plethora of services to his trusting patients.


Dr. Imran Haque studied internal medicine at the University of Virginia’s internal medicine program. This trusted physician also carried out his residency term there, lasting three long years to ensure his future internal medicine practicing capabilities. Dr. Imran Haque has been employed as a doctor for more than fifteen years in rural North Carolina, helping his clients look and feel loads better about themselves.


Cosmetic procedures, preventative exams and measures, diagnosing health problems, and prescribing necessary medications are the bread and butter of Dr. Imran Haque’s practice. He is currently employed by Horizon Internal Medicine, practicing in its Asheboro and Ramseur facilities. These clinics are located at 138 Dublin Square Road and 1508 Main Street, respectively. Prospective patients can contact these clinics at 336-290-7209 and 336-824-2255 to set up appointments, as Dr. Imran Haque is always accepting new patients.


Some of the most popular procedures offered by successful, trusted Imran Haque are laser hair removal, supervised weight loss management, and diabetic maintenance programs. Dr. Imran Haque utilizes leading, well-researched medications in helping obese and diabetic patients live healthier lives.


Laser hair removal consists of shining high-powered — yet very safe — lasers in areas with unwanted peach fuzz and thick hair, usually directed towards facial areas. This procedure takes an hour at most, depending on how much hair needs to be removed. Patients are able to resume regular activities directly after the procedure.