December 4, 2017 · Houston Astros, MLB · (No comments)

The Houston Astros historic World Series run ended nearly a month ago. However, the world champion Astros continue to make the news. reports that the MLB has finished with its calculations of revenue earned from all league playoff games. This means it is now time for teams to be given their shares of the playoff money. It was announced Monday that the shares the Houston Astros would receive are the largest ever for a World Series team.

Once the final tally was in, Astros playoff shares were $438,901.57. This topped the shares received by the previous record-holding 2014 San Francisco Giants by slightly more than $45,000.

The windfall is especially significant for a few Houston Astros players because it represents a near doubling of their 2017 season salaries. The minimum salary for a major league baseball player is $535,000 a year and number of Astros players earned at or slightly over that amount. For these players, the playoff shares are a great benefit.

Not only players benefit from these shares. Each team decides before the season how to distribute playoff shares and virtually anyone involved with the organization can be selected to have either whole or partial shares distributed to them.

The MLB calculates player pools by adding the totals from the following:

• 50% of gate receipts from wild-card games
• 60% of gate receipts from each of the first three games of the divisional round of playoff games
• 60% of gate receipts from each of the first four games of the league championship round of playoff games.
• 60% of gate receipts from each of the first four games of the World Series.

Once calculated, this pool is then distributed amongst the ten teams that participated in the major league playoffs. As mentioned earlier, each team is to decide by vote the number of shares to be divided within the team. The Astros decided on 60 full shares and 9.23 partial shares to be divided.