Legendary singer Barry Manilow will be in Sugarland on Friday for a concert and will be accompanied by the Houston Show Choir. Thirty-two of the 70 members of the choir will help Manilow perform his greatest hits for concert goers at the Smart Financial Center.

The Houston Show Choir is a volunteer singing group with members as young as 20 and as old as 71 years of age. The members that will perform with Manilow rehearsed with the Grammy winner recently at a middle school in The Heights area of town.

Music director for the group Jen Young was ecstatic when talking about the honor and said it was a “huge deal” for choir members. Young also says that she is looking for to expressing to Manilow her gratitude for the contributions he has made to music.

Rhonda Cold Thrailkill, a 62-year-old member of the choir added that many of her fellow choir members were probably not born when Manilow was at the height of his fame.

Manilow first established a relationship with the choir in 2016 when he needed a local choir for a performance. The group made such an impression on Manilow that he requested them to perform with him once again. The Houston Show Choir is the only local singing group that will perform with Manilow.

The songs that will be sung by Manilow and the choir are ‘Copa Cabana’, ‘Miracle’, and ‘I Write The Songs.’ Young explains that following other parts of Manilow’s performance the stage will go black and 17 seconds will pass before the lights are turned on again. In this 17 seconds, The Houston Show Choir will take the stage with Manilow to provide an added element to the last three Manilow classics.