January 6, 2017 · Human Trafficking, Lawyers · (No comments)

Thor Halvorssen has made a career as a producer of films. He is also a serious advocate regarding human rights. Even the New York Times has classified Thor as a champion who fights for the powerless. Quite simply, he believes in the underdog. In 1989, when he was still quite young, Thor became an advocate and began fighting for human rights. He started his efforts while he was living in London by putting together a group to oppose the South African apartheid.

Thor comes from a background that is a combination of Venezuelan and Norwegian. His involvement on a full time basis in promoting peoples rights began because of his father. When his father was put in prison in Venezuela for his politics, Thor realized just how important due process and human rights really are. He was responsible for founding a Human Rights Foundation in New York, this time because of his mother. There was a political protest in 2004 in which she was shot.

The Human Rights Foundation, or HRF for short has been devoted to political prisoners for quite some time. They work to help liberate these prisoners while trying to achieve both democracy and tolerance inside of Latin America. Since the HRF originally started, seven prisoners have been released. They have given necessary evidence to the Truth Commissions, had amicus briefs put in for submission regarding extremely large human rights cases on an international level and seen to the publication of two books. These books were about the importance of an individuals rights and how the state has responsibilities in these matters. Responsibilities Thor feels they do not always achieve.

Thor founded Oslo Freedom Forum and sits as the companies current CEO. The forum gathers annually as a type of festival honoring human rights. This festival has been described as nothing less than spectacular.