What is it about this country that makes it so great? Freedom for those who are natural born citizens in this country. Making recent headlines are those involving the ICE. A country wide policing force that is now being used for the extraction of illegal aliens in our country. ICE, known as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement is an agency of “higher power” than that of or local law enforcement. Many consider this faction of law enforcement to be a “renegade” group. See in this YouTube Video just how this new task force operates. With a new task for hitting the streets of the United States of America, people are questioning this tactic as it infringes on many of the rights that we stand by as a country. As these ICE officers hit the streets of New York they come in contact with individuals who are of interest. They are detained and required to see an immigration judge to determine their fate in the U.S. Citizens have questioned this elite organization as it requires no search warrants, no documentation needed in order to detain individuals. These ICE officers have been known to barge into businesses and answer no questions as they disrupt the lives of fellow Americans. Many business owners are feeling the pressure of this new implementation of ICE officers as they are swooping in and extracting individuals who may have provided false information to obtain employment in the “Land of the Free”. Many fear that if ICE and its organization is allowed to free roam and detain individuals that someday it may fall into our laps as we may be the next that are “hunted”.