March 24, 2018 · Indianapolis Airport · Comments Off on Indianapolis Airport Named Best in America for Sixth Year

For the sixth consecutive year, the Indianapolis International Airport has been named the best airport on its continent. The award, the 2017 Airport Service Quality Award, is given by the Airports Council International. It is given based on voting by travellers who have used the airport in the last year and is a testament to the airport’s commitment to giving travellers a world-class experience.

An airport must serve at least two million passengers per year in order to be eligible for the award. IND has about 145 flights a day, serving 8.5 million passengers.

Travellers are given a survey with a series of questions about each airport they use. This information is used to determine the winner of the award amongst the 300 different airports that have elected to participate in the survey. Indy is the only airport to win the award six times, let alone consecutively.

The survey is comprehensive, judging 34 separate aspects of the airport’s day-to-day operations. This includes access, the security procedure, and even dining options. Part of what makes Indianapolis International so great is its ease of use and easy-to-navigate design.

The airport was first built in 2008, making this year the tenth anniversary of the airport. It was built to replace Indianapolis Municipal Airport, located adjacent to the new airport and now out of operation. IND serves as a hub for Allegiant Airlines and is a major hub for FedEx and also has two international gates and 44 gates for domestic flights.

Indianapolis residents enjoy the airport because it is so accessible, located just a quick 15-minute drive from downtown Indianapolis. The fact that it’s new means it is designed to handle the challenges and procedures that come with flying today, rather than 40 years ago like other airports. This is a huge part of driving force behind the airport’s success when it comes to this award.