I stumbled on to cosmetic brand Lime Crime by sheer accident. A friend of mine always has the most gorgeously bright lipstick colors that she matches flawlessly to whatever outfit she was wearing. I bought several products but could never seem to pull off the look – I frankly just came out looking like I was wearing clown paint. She introduced me to her collection of Lime Crime lipsticks and it immediately became my new favorite lipstick brand.

Lime Crime is a company founded by entrepreneur Doe Deere. She was recently featured on Guest of a Guest where she talked about his company and gave advice for people who were wanting to follow their dreams and achieve success like she did. The company, like how I found it, was almost a bit of an accident. Doe Deere always loved brightly colored lipsticks and makeup. To her, a face is a canvas to be painted as a form of expression.

She found herself unable to find the quality of bright lipsticks she wanted. It was the ‘90s and the nude look was all the rage. Instead of toning down her style and searching for nudes and baby pinks, Doe Deere founded Lime Crime. She admits that she simply bought the domain name and launched her company from there.

Lime Crime became a smash success within its first few years. Doe was surprised at how many women were looking for exactly what she was looking for in a lipstick: a bold shade made from quality ingredients that would hold its shade for an extended period of time. Lime Crime became an internet success and the company’s biggest issue was keeping its products in stock amidst the growing demand.

Doe quickly expanded Lime Crime to offer other options for her fans. She added lipsticks, highlighters and even a series of hair dyes. Doe is known as a fashion icon and is frequently seen sporting a variety of wild hair colors. Whether it is bright orange, deep purple or a stunning blue, no color is too bold for Doe Deere.

Doe is such a unique person. She has become a personal fashion icon of mine. While I work in a strict office environment, I admire her bold fashion and one day dream of sporting some hot pink hair of my own. That is the goal of Lime Crime: to empower women (and men) to express themselves to their heart’s desire. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/doe-deere/