Willis Towers Watson is a worldwide advisory, multi-service firm. The company is a leader in offering companies of all sizes, investment risk programs, broking services, benefit solutions, insurance brokerage services, actuarial solutions, reinsurance solutions, human resource capital, and much more. Willis Towers Watson continues to operate today in the same way that it began in 1828. Willis Towers Watson carries a reputation for trustworthiness in all their client dealings. They are known to produce excellent business service plans, well-defined analytical skills, and sound advice all wrapped around unique technology IT software programs.


Not only does Willis Towers Watson continue to grow exponentially with offices in over 40 countries, the company is always attracting the best in managerial talents. Currently, Willis Towers Watson is growing and serving their clients under the leadership of John Haley, the Director and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Haley knows the insights and direction of Willis Towers Watson because he came up in the company through many successful managerial roles and mergers since 1977.


One of the new 2017 Willis Towers Watson promotions is Michael Burwell who assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer. Mike is not a neophyte to the operations of Willis Towers Watson. He joined this global giant in 2012 overseeing a company division that handled human capital, finance, technology ventures and globally adept business sourcing. At the same time, Mike served as a senior partner overseeing national and international client relationships. In Michael Burwell’s earlier careers, he received years of experience working with the preeminent Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. Refer to This Article for more information.


Michael Burwell rose quickly within Pricewaterhouse Coopers having acquired the title of partner in the company’s Detroit department on transaction services practices. Michael was also appointed Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s Chief Financial Officer and within a year the company’s Chief Operating Officer for its United States business practices. Michael Burwell joined Willis Towers Watson with over 31 years of professional financial/auditing services. Mike Burwell received the new appointment because the prior Chief Financial Officer retired in October 2017.


Mr. Haley stated that he knows that Mr. Burwell is bringing key leadership skills that will continue to grow Willis Towers Watson’s global clients with the company’s multi-financial services. Michael also has an educational background that any company would benefit from. He graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Michigan State University honored Mike with an Alumnus of the Year award in 2010. Mike also pursued and received a certification as a CPA.


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The USHEALTH Group first started up the HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) initiative through the efforts of Troy McQuagge. Despite the fact that the company was not fully fledged yet, Troy decided to join the company and he quickly ended up taking the lead as the company’s president. At his time, Troy started up HOPE and has since been spreading this programs values throughout the community and his company. HOPE has made efforts to aid others, including aiding in disaster relief, poverty, and charity. Troy’s goal with HOPE is to create a difference in the community around the world.

This all happened back in 2010 when Troy first joined up with the USHEALTH Group. Troy’s incredible vision for the company has already brought them a ton of success and recognition within the community. This is especially true after HOPE took on its first project by performing disaster relief in New Orleans. This community, as well as many of the surrounding areas, were hit by Hurricane Katina in years past, leaving many homes and neighborhoods destroyed. Pheonix of New Orleans partnered up with HOPE and many of the company staff dedicated endless hours working to rebuild this community over the year. Troy even stared up HOPEKids, another successful HOPE initiative set to focus on helping children. Unfortunately, there are many children out there that have fatal conditions or chronic illness, but HOPEKids has worked to make a difference in these kids lives and bring them some joy. Read more on behance.net for more info.

Troy McQuagge USHealth has ensured that his staff shares the same values as him and his HOPE initiative, which is why he encourages company employees to carry out their own initiatives alongside that of the company. Since first joining the company, Troy’s goal has not just been to offer and sell health insurances. It has been about helping others that are in need and giving back to the community that deserves aid. Through the HOPE initiative and USHEALTH Group, Troy can effectively aid people in need through both insurance and philanthropic projects. The HOPE frontier is still going strong today and has allowed the USHEALTH Group to flourish.

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Michael Burwell is a very respected businessman who has had a very long career where he has achieved many things. He is working for Willis Towers Watson right now in the in the position of Chief Financial Officer. he has worked in a number of different departments which has helped him to gain a lot of experience that other executives his age do not have. This added experience has put him in a great position to get promotions that other people int he company are simply not qualified for. He spent more than 30 years of his career working for the auditing company PwC. It was during this time that Michael Burwell was able to gain a reputation for being an excellent executive who always pays attention to detail.


He also served as the Chief Financial Officer for part of his tenure at PwC. However, he started at the bottom and worked his way up. It took him many years to ascend to this position. He often dealt with many of the problems that were begin experienced by clients of the company. PwC has its international headquarters in London, England. However, Michael Burwell worked at the Detroit office for most of his time with the company. This is because he is a native of Michigan and he was comfortable living in that area. The cold winters did not bother him.


Michael always received top marks while he was in school. This led to many different colleges offering him admittance. He was also given several scholarship opportunities. He eventually settled on Michigan State University because he wanted to stay close to his family while he was attending school. His mother was in poor health at the time. Therefore, he did not want to be in a different state if she had a medical emergency. Get Additional Information Here.


Michael decided to major in business administration. He believed that having this particular degree would open many doors for him. He turned out to be right. There are many different career paths that a person with a business administration degree can take. PwC recruited him right out of college. Michael never intended to stay with the company for so many years. However, he was comfortable and he was making very good money. Therefore, there was no reason for him to seek employment elsewhere. Mike attributes all of his success to always being prepared and being surrounded by great people.


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The secret to health freedom lies in the decision that you take to secure your family’s health. Life is unpredictable and no one can foresee accidents or chronic illnesses.

USHEALTH Group has been running the health insurance industry for more than 50 years. Over its years of operation, the company has been able to achieve a vast health reputation and market gain in America and beyond.

USHEALTH Group Family insurance

Through its affiliate insurance brands namely National Foundation and Freedom Life, the group has taken huge strides in providing quality family health packages for all members of the society. Under the family package, you get to enjoy the following options:

Short-term expense plan

The cover offers you and your family medical subsidy when it comes to treatment and you don’t have to incur extra expenses in liabilities before the cover comes into effect. Learn more about USHealth Group: https://twitter.com/ushealth_group?lang=en

In simple terms, the plan prevents you from paying a cover that you don’t need.

First dollar plan

This allows you to receive a cash payment for every expense you incurred in a specified disease or accident. You are able to enjoy up to maximum benefits. The advantage of this plan is that you don’t lose your benefits in case you don’t use them.


This specifically covers you and your family on all medical treatment expenses. If you or a member of the family gets diagnosed with a disease that’s covered by the plan, MedGuard will compensate you with cash.

Accident protector

This cushions you against spending on the savings in case of an accident. The protector offers you the following financial advantages:

Dental plans

  • Cash payments in case of an accident and resultant loss
  • Medical expense coverage triggered by the accident

There are three plans in this category to choose from and they include:

Premium planSaver planSaver plus planLife protector

  • Premium plan- This gives you a maximum cover of $400 per year
  • Saver plan- This offers you a maximum year cover of $500
  • Saver plus plan- This gives you a yearly maximum cover of $1000

The plan allows you to enjoy 10 years of financial health protection. The contract is renewable after a decade and therefore there is no need to panic.

USHEALTH Group Location

According to Crunchbase, you can get into contact with the USHEALTH Group personnel through the following head office addresses, all located in Fort Worth Texas:


  • Freedom Life Insurance
  • National Foundation Life Insurance
  • Enterprise Life Insurance

The need for family health insurance is on the rise and this is because of the rise in health uncertainties.

Bloomberg revealed that the presence of USHEALTH Group gives everyone responsible health cushioning and every community member has the right to enjoy health insurance. With the group active in the market, families can have a worry free life.