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Jason Hope Contribution in Fighting Ageing

In this recent world, there has been a slight incline of health complications and diseases facing people around the world. They range from slight conditions to more dangerous diseases that have a severe effect on the community. However, what a number of organizations and individuals have failed to realize is one medical condition which affects each individual in the world. The condition does not choose ones financial status, health level or their geographic area. And that condition which is unlivable is ageing. Ageing is a normal process which occurs to everybody regardless of how of health they could have been in their daily lives. With ageing, we tend to lose the skills to do normal things that we did when young.

Mr. Jason Hope is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who have incorporated a diverse approach to ageing. He aims at helping people to live a bit longer by decelerating down or by retrogressing the aged process. He donated his own money so as to help in groundbreaking establishments in a mission to transform the healthcare organizations in a way that the can fight and ensure treatment of all people in the world.

Mr. Hope has been able to support for some years an organization that deals with the charity called SENS Foundation. It was founded in March 2009. It devotes in research plans which are designed to fighting and learning a bit more on ageing. They also change the public view of ageing so as to turn their opinions towards the ability for a revolutionary modification. His first funding was in December 2010, where he donated $500,000.SENS as a charitable organization aims in helping the community to be able to gain technology access that counteracts ageing and preventing ageing illnesses.Mr.Jason Hope was able to announce his first contribution at a San Francisco’s palace that houses Fine Arts on an event known as a Breakthrough Philanthropy.

Mr. Hope, after giving out his half a million dollars, was able to speak about the foundation and commended them for their great work. He recognized its plan on fighting some diseases like diabetes and the Alzheimer’s. Mr. Jason Hope predicted the ability of SENS foundation to bringing down marvelous changes in the medic industry, which will lead to a complete redefined healthcare, pharmaceutical and the biotech businesses. He also was able to disclose a wish to advance the SENS work to an extent that will befit the complete humanity.Mr.Jason Hope also appreciated the fact that SENS Foundation was not just focused on the treatment of individuals diseases but also identification and repairmen of damage that ageing can bring in diseases and some issues that leads to death.

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Adam Milstein’s Philanthropy Work

The culture and customs of where we come from are very crucial. However, with the technology and everything that has changed the way of living, many young people are slowly being carried away and abandoning their culture. Adam Milstein and his wife have taken it upon themselves to see that the Jewish youths get to understand and embrace their culture and understand why it is crucial for them to embrace it. Through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he has impacted more than 15000 families.

The organization approaches issues in three dimensions;

  1. Active Philanthropy. Humanitarian work is not only about the financial support but as well as being involved in the duties evaluation. The foundation supports all the programs by actively participating.
  2. Life Path Impact. Adam Milstein understands the need to teach people life skills by engaging them in lessons and acts of real life. He, therefore, seeks and offers his support to people who influence others through life stages. This means offering lessons based on the age of individuals. The lessons are delivered to the target audience.
  1. Philanthropic Synergy. Adam Milstein does not serve his people by himself. He offers financial support to other people who share his goal. He collaborates with them to see that the Jewish culture is respected.

In his article in the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein mentioned that he knows that there were still custodians of the Jewish Culture in the young generation because he sees them every day. He says that it is through them that the culture will be passed on to the other generations.

Adam Milstein says that it is their responsibility to see that the individuals rise by supporting them financially. He explains that it takes courage to be a leader because of the adversities that one has to deal with and the rejection. It is only those who know the value and the importance of the culture can manage this role. Adam Milstein says that he is very optimistic that the passion in the young generation will be transmitted to other individuals. This is the only way the next generation will be stronger than the previous ones.

Who is Stream Energy and What is Stream Cares?

Who is Stream Energy and What is Stream Cares?

Stream Energy knows that giving back to the community and helping others is rewarding in many ways. This is why they recently announced that they had developed a new philanthropic foundation called Stream Cares. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the company, this new foundation Stream Cares, and their previous philanthropy efforts.

Who is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy is a direct sales energy company whose employees work for commissions from sales. The company was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since their inception, the company has generated more than in $8 billion in revenue. The company currently offers not just energy services but also wireless, home, and protective services aimed at customers with on the go lifestyles. The services offered by the company are available not only in Texas but also Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Washington D.C.

What is Stream Cares?

Stream Cares is a philanthropic foundation created by the team at Stream Energy. Through Stream Cares the company and their employees hope to bring a change and help families not just in Texas but across the United States in the years to come. Stream Cares is a natural addition to the existing philanthropic nature of the company and its employees.

Previous Philanthropic Efforts

The philanthropic and charitable deeds by those at Stream Energy to date have included but are not limited to the following.

  • Through the organization known as the Hope Supply Co they have helped homeless children and families in northern Texas.
  • After several tornadoes devastated communities in the area they worked with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars to help the recovery efforts.
  • They co-hosted an experience for young girls in veteran households called the American Girl Doll Experience. The company covered the costs of dolls and lunch for ten girls at the American Girl Cafe.

Fortress Investment Group Helps Seniors with New Senior Investment Group

Randal Nardone and Michael Novogratz of Fortress Investment Group
Randal Nardone and Michael Novogratz of Fortress Investment Group

International alternative asset investment firm Fortress Investment Group helps seniors by providing housing with their New Senior Investment Group subsidiary. New Senior Investment Group is a real estate investment trust that is publicly traded and comprises of a much diversified portfolio of senior housing properties from all across the United States.

In fact, this investment group provides much needed senior housing opportunities for thousands of seniors that are part of the growing baby boomer retirement population influx. Fortress Investment Group provides excellent senior housing opportunities for the baby boomer generation and is continuing to expand and grow their holdings within this category. Fortress Investment Group, the parent company of New Senior Investment Group has solidified its portfolio within the alternative asset category and continues to streamline opportunities to invest in distressed, illiquid, and underperforming asset vehicles that will generate lucrative returns on investment.

Fortress Investment Group was established and founded in 2002 by Wes Edens, Peter Briger, Rob Kauffman, Michael Edwards, and Randall Nardone and quickly became one of the more respected and well-run investment firms in the world. They capitalize on strong human capital and various analytical and intellectual expertise from its founding members and an extended professional staff of creative investment managers. Fortress Investment Group currently has over $30 billion in assets under management and more than 1750 institutional and individual clients from around the world.

Peter Briger and Wes Edens serve as Co-Chief Executive Officers and continue to provide high-level leadership and guidance to this global alternative asset investment firm. Peter Briger runs the Fortress Credit business that has solidified itself as one of the most creative and innovative parts of the business by providing a blueprint that translates into profitable returns on investment through the distressed and underperforming asset investment opportunities.

Peter Briger was educated at Princeton University we received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and continued his education at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. With the leadership capabilities of Peter Briger, Wes Edens and the other talented investment staff at Fortress Investment Group opportunities are created to provide innovative approaches to investment that create dynamic returns on investment. The investment in New Senior Investment Group has provided an opportunity for Fortress to penetrate into the growing senior population that needs housing opportunities that cater to their retirement and physical needs as they retire and lives their life in their golden years. The New Senior Investment Group at Fortress Investment Group has created an opportunity to not only capitalize on this extremely large market in senior living but it’s providing an opportunity to truly give back to the general public by providing excellent housing opportunities for seniors. New Senior Investment Group continues to flourish and provide opportunities for long-term income streams and valuable resources from its publicly traded stock opportunities.

This will continue to be one of the investment opportunities that can be expanded and grown over the next few decades to become one of the flourishing opportunities for huge profits and exceptional growth within Fortress Investment Group. With New Senior Investment Group, a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group that provides opportunities for the assistance of the senior population by them with excellent properties to enjoy their retirement years.

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Paul Mampilly uses Profits Unlimited to Assist Investors in Decision Making.

In another life before now, Paul Mampilly was a dedicated hedge fund manager. He spent twenty years working as a financial advisor for Kinetics International, ING, The Deutsche Bank and other international clients. From there, he joined the Templeton Foundation investment competition and risked all his money ($50 million) into the competition. Surprisingly, he emerged the winner and earned a profit of $38 million. The 76 % gain was enough to toss him into the financial industry yet again. Only this time, he was careful not to invest in risky businesses as the country’s economy was dwindling. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Background Look

Mampilly has since invested time and resources in giving people the right investment advice. Because he is good at that, he decided to work with Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is known for offering financial and investment services. That is why recently, in search of viable businesses to invest in, Mampilly discovered a newsletter that has since transformed people’s lives in many ways. Profits Unlimited is the way forward to teaching Americans how to allocate various resources in the right dockets.

Describing Profits Unlimited

Most importantly, Paul Mampilly has built a protective barrier around this source of information because he understands that the internet is filled with scrupulous people who impersonate the real experts that are always ready to teach investors how to make money. A careful look at Profits Unlimited indicates that the newsletter has eight pages that offer full advice and insight about Mampilly’s recommendations, especially on stocks.


To circulate this newsletter, Paul Mampilly ensures that it is emailed to his clients through monthly subscriptions. For people who are interested joining Profits Unlimited, Paul’s website contains relevant information on how to join the business. Moreover, it is critical to remember that Mampilly is not a broker. He allows clients to own personal accounts. That way, they can monitor stocks from any point.

Additional Information

Profits Unlimited is not the only investment docket that Mampilly has invested mainly in. As an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he uses the available resources to guide his clients as well. So far, his clients have been satisfied by his services. That is why most of them have been giving positive reviews regarding the investment dockets and skills they received from Mampilly.

The Overview

Mampilly is an alumnus of Montclair State University. He graduated with a BBA after majoring in finance and later accounting. Because he has always been visionary, he decided to join Fordham Gabelli School for business administration in 1997. Check:


Jeff Yastine — a Wealth-Protection Strategist for Retirees and Investors

Jeff Yastine — a Wealth-Protection Strategist for Retirees and Investors

Some investors accept different risks while establishing a business. Perhaps, it’s wise for them to first research information about the latest trends and innovation. Banyan Hill Publishing can provide known facts for those who want to invest and secure their assets as well.

Therefore, the research firm’s chief editor, Jeff Yastine is a wealth-protection strategist for retirees and investors. Moreover, the expert investor helps both entrepreneurs, and businesspeople know about monetary trends. More so, he points out the profitable potentials brought to light by today’s financial editors. Banyan Hill Publishing used Mr. Yastine for his various-gained experiences during past years and as an invaluable asset to the firm. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

As a knowledgeable stock investor and financial journalist, Jeff stays busy providing economical articles to the finicky commercial enterprise. Behind Mr. Yastine’s service, the publishing firm supplies a stepwise design — which offers wealth protection, information about avoiding excessive taxation and authoritative property confiscation. Traders and investors appreciate well explaining the disadvantages and advantages of trading systems. Banyan Hill can relieve anxiety by offering a trading system to recognize high-performing stocks.

Even so, the daily and weekly readers are in a favorable position to profit by using several different investment tips. When thinking about establishments like real estate, clubs, retail and restaurants, Jeff Yastine is long-familiar for aiding these businesses. As well, his reputation expanded because of donations he made about the past real estate crisis.

Too, Business Expert Jeff Yastine contacts investors and entrepreneurs through his Facebook presence. Interestingly, he is rallying readers to observe offered research by applying a strategy on stocks investment. And so, Jeff and his fellow worker Matt Badiali hosted a Banyan Hill publishing event — Front Line Profits Summit — which unveiled Badiali’s three-phase strategy for investing in some potential-high gaining stocks.

Jeff Yastine is a reliable professional in finances and investing. And, there’s no question, he has learned from financial gurus like Michael Dell and Warren Buffett. Since gleaning from these individuals by picking up their methods, Yastine has had an Emmy-nominated career for ten-plus years. Apparently, he’s using these principles at Banyan Hill publishing. Read this article at

Moreover, you can follow Jeff and read many of his reports on the Medium. And so, if you notice his article about Amazon Whole Foods, Jeff gave his take on Walmart vs. Amazon. Thus, the Walmart stores’ stock climbed up to 30% while was only at 18%. The Expert Investor pointed out the benefit of food innovation and how it continues as a traffic driver.

He explained his observation toward new packaging, new foods, and unique products not found anywhere else. More importantly, Jeff Yastine provided statistics concerning Whole Foods’ price discrepancies that could hurt the food chains’ progress. Additionally, the food innovation impression would also fail if there are no sharp attention-getting displays of fresh fruit and potatoes at a lower price. More information can be found at


2 Critical Things Ian King Want Traders to Know About the latest Bitcoin Panic?

Ian King, a Cryto expert that works for Banyan publishing is now sharing what he learned about investment and trading over the last 2 decades. With the experience that he has acquired, Ian King is offering what he knows in a series of publications about this digital currency online. Despite investment products going up and down in this difficult and volatile market, he is focusing his attention now on the digital currency market, in particular, cryptocurrencies. As the founder of intellicoins, Ian king is covering a wide range of critical topics like Bitcoin: The end of the Beginning, 4 top-Performing Alternatives to Bitcoin, Bitcoin: Your New Safe Haven and much much more.

To make sure traders are equipped with the knowledge that they need to know now, he is also addressing topics like What novice and veteran traders can learn about the latest bitcoin panic. So, for those of you who are interested in learning what happened and why, here is what he wants you to know.

  1. Plunges are an inherent Part of the Investment Market

Unfortunately, many crypto investors were given a quick harsh lesson in the nature of the financial market. One in which that exposes its tendency to go down much faster than it will ever go up. Since any negative activity can adversely affect the markets, it is not uncommon for investors and traders to react quickly to make a financial decision to dump what they have to keep from losing their shirt.

In the latest scenario with bitcoin, the drop in prices was due to the Chinese regulators and their position on crypto exchange trading, Since they took a stance to begin cracking down on this activity, the bitcoin market took a big hit with a 36% plunge in prices. Based on the history of bitcoin trading and the associated tracking, this event was recorded as the largest loss since the year 2015 in the month of January. In fact, in many cases, the present Bitcoin enthusiasts were said to have felt a very strong sense of déjà vu when it happened again.

  1. Opportunities to Buy — Prepare for the Rebound

When the bottom falls out of any investment, this is usually the best time to buy, according to the advice of many expert investors in the stock market. Since Bitcoin is not considered to be dead and gone, it appears to look like it going to rebound.

In short, those who buy now will have a chance to get in at low prices while it grows again. Related:


Matt Badiali; Passionate Geologist Helping People explore Profitable Opportunities

Passion drives us to success. It pushes us to do things that make us happy and fulfilled. It is no exception for Matt Badiali, geologist cum investment adviser. He has effectively combined the two areas to make him a unique individual. Matt has gained immense experience in mining, energy, and natural resources having worked as a consultant for many years. The work gave him a platform to visit different parts of the world including, Haiti, Switzerland, and Iraq, among others.

Matt has been involved in big projects that required analysis of complex geological data. These have imparted him with requisite knowledge and skills that have enabled him to thrive in both the investment world and mining. In fact, Matt believes that traveling is essential if you want to have an excellent understanding of different aspects of economy and politics.

However, Matt has always been passionate about helping people make informed decisions in mining and investment. It is an aspect that can be traced back while teaching at the University of North Carolina and Duke University. Matt is a well-educated man. He attended the Penn State University for a Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Sciences and Florida Atlantic University for a Master’s in Geology. He has also been trained in investment to sharpen his intellectual acumen in the area. View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

Although this was a good place to support others, Matt Badiali resolved to start helping people identify profitable opportunities. It is something he has always wanted to do. He has been doing this through writing in renowned financial publications. Matt joined Stansberry Research, where he worked for eleven years. He provided useful insights in the areas of natural resources, mining, and energy as the editor for a monthly publication, Stansberry Research Resource Report.

Matt Badiali left Stansberry Research and joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. The latter currently boasts of over 200,000 subscribers. The growth is attributed to the reliable information offered by Banyan Hill’s team of highly experienced experts. Matt is now the editor of Real Wealth Strategist, where he advises people on metals, oil, and natural resources among other areas.

Besides the vast experience in natural resources, Matt is a talented writer. He delivers his content in a way that average people understand and make sound decisions. It is also reinforced by his impressive research skills that are rooted in his career as a geologist. The unique set of skills has been vital in Matt’s current role at Banyan Hill. He has helped explore opportunities that are profitable and advised readers against investing in specific areas.

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Paul Mampilly; the Daring Financial Advisor Is At It Again

Profits Unlimited is almost a household name. It is the financial newsletter every stock trader wants to read lately; judging from the number of subscribers. The face behind the intrigues in the stocks advice periodical is a man with a long-standing career in financial matters. He was even in charge of hedge funds before he went into his personal and private practice. Paul Mampilly is a trailblazer of sorts. He leaves a cloud of praise and dislikes alike wherever he goes. One aspect of Paul Mampilly that is hard to wish away is his searing observation regarding the direction of trade; especially in stock matters. He thrives on making predictions on the performance of stock shares. He analyzes the companies that are likely to gain and those that are inclined to underperform on the stocks market. His audiences span a broad spectrum. Paul Mampilly is not only on Wall Street. He is on Facebook too.


Paul Mampilly was born in a small remote village in India. It is said that his mother died when Mr. Mampilly was only 3. At the age of 20, he also lost his father. Mr. Mampilly later moved to the USA where he established a career in financial advice matters. He founded Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He is, however, best known for his financial newsletter profits unlimited. He is a proud winner of the coveted Templeton award. He was also a finalist in two other competitive awards for advising on significant business transactions. The former hedge fund manager has featured on important news channels and media outlets interviews. He has been on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News. Mr. Mampilly is also on Facebook. He has over 2400 followers on the social media platform.

Paul Mampilly’s Ventures

While the American investor Paul Mampilly features in several financial discussion and analysis columns, he is a specialist in the stock trade. He offers insights into the stock market trends and even predicts the performance of some major stocks. He says that he can lead you to low-risk investments through his Profits Unlimited newsletter. In True Momentum, he presents readers with the tricks of the trade to gain big. He also ventures in the deep waters and dares readers and investors in stocks to go for the jackpot profits in trade. He mentions that generally, 43 stocks hit the roof with unusual value gains. He seeks to advise subscribers on how to identify such gold mines.

Mampilly Tells the Future of Bitcoin

Every stock trader in the present day must have heard about and even wondered whether to go for the much-touted Bitcoin. As a financial Guru, Paul is obliged to join the conversation. When asked what he thinks of the Bitcoin bubble, Paul points out that Bitcoin is a bubble, and will be just as good in the end. Mr. Mampilly says that Bitcoin is too volatile to be a good investment. He mentions that many examples emerged and took the trajectory that Bitcoin has taken. The end is all the same: tumbling down to oblivion.  Profits Unlimited’s “$7 Tech Stock” and the “Strange Industry Expected to Surge 8,000%”

The Way Forward In the Year and Future

Before we delve into the stocks that the former hedge fund manager thinks will carry the day, let’s have a brief look at what he does not recommend. Mr. Mampilly believes that Apple has soared as high as it can ever get and that the only way for it now is downwards in 2018. On the positive side, Mr. Mampilly says that there is a new form of energy that is going to be disruptive and will outperform both Google and Amazon in the same year. He advises that it is best to invest in the new energy industry, natural energy products are set to dominate in 2018. Via twitter

Jeff Yastine Reveals Why Investors should bet their money on mergers and acquisitions

If you follow up on business particularly the investment sector, you probably have come across the name Jeff Yastine. Jeff is a respected individual when it comes to investing. Over and over again, Jeff has continued to give tips here and there and many interested clients have gained great fortune at the end.

Well, for 2018, Jeff came up with the idea that mergers and acquisitions are the new investment platforms with a promising opportunity. For those who know Yastine and his experience in the field, placing the money is just a tap of a button. However, a few are willing to invest their money for 2018 but are yet to understand Yastine’s formulae.

First of all, investors have to understand that tax reform is playing a major role in understanding the strategy. The reform promises to bring down corporate tax rate to 21 percent as well loosen funds tied oversees. Secondly, Yastine takes into consideration the mood of American consumers. Currently, consumer spending is a one-month high. This trend has never been witnessed since the economy began shifting from recession about ten years ago.

The most crucial point to take home is understanding how corporations spend their dollars and that is usually defined by CEOs and their boards. Hence, judging from an M&A survey published by Deloitte Yastine strongly feel that mergers and acquisitions are the place to invest money in 2018.

According to the survey of interest, out of 1,000 executives in play, two-thirds stated they had an increase in revenue. To sweeten the deal, the two-thirds of the respondents hinted that they would use the cash to buy mergers and acquisitions which is a good message for those planning to listen to Jeff’s tactic.

Previous surveys have shown a large number of corporations seeking to place their money on organic investments or returning the money into business. Therefore, Yastine insists that investors should not hesitate after the fact that most of the corporations have hinted that their transactions will grow in number over the year. According to a report by Dealogic, the number of mergers and acquisitions had skyrocketed in 2017. Hence Jeff insists that investors should invest on individual stocks or exchange-traded funds then thank him later.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a celebrated entrepreneur and his contributions to the investment sector has earned many of his clients’ great fortunes. Jeff schooled at the University of Florida where he earned a bachelor of arts in telecommunication (electronic journalism). Upon completing education, Jeff went ahead to seek employment and had a privilege of acquiring senior positions in various distinguished companies.

Until 2010, Jeff had an opportunity to work at PBS Nightly Business Report. The opportunity was a great milestone as he was in a position to interview great masterminds such as Richard Branson, Warren Buffet among many other successful individuals. His role at PBS saw him win a nomination for an Emmy for his excellence in availing reliable investment opportunities for clients. Today, Jeff works at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editorial director, a position that has seen him grab the attention of many clients as well as numerous awards.