The culture and customs of where we come from are very crucial. However, with the technology and everything that has changed the way of living, many young people are slowly being carried away and abandoning their culture. Adam Milstein and his wife have taken it upon themselves to see that the Jewish youths get to understand and embrace their culture and understand why it is crucial for them to embrace it. Through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he has impacted more than 15000 families.

The organization approaches issues in three dimensions;

  1. Active Philanthropy. Humanitarian work is not only about the financial support but as well as being involved in the duties evaluation. The foundation supports all the programs by actively participating.
  2. Life Path Impact. Adam Milstein understands the need to teach people life skills by engaging them in lessons and acts of real life. He, therefore, seeks and offers his support to people who influence others through life stages. This means offering lessons based on the age of individuals. The lessons are delivered to the target audience.
  1. Philanthropic Synergy. Adam Milstein does not serve his people by himself. He offers financial support to other people who share his goal. He collaborates with them to see that the Jewish culture is respected.

In his article in the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein mentioned that he knows that there were still custodians of the Jewish Culture in the young generation because he sees them every day. He says that it is through them that the culture will be passed on to the other generations.

Adam Milstein says that it is their responsibility to see that the individuals rise by supporting them financially. He explains that it takes courage to be a leader because of the adversities that one has to deal with and the rejection. It is only those who know the value and the importance of the culture can manage this role. Adam Milstein says that he is very optimistic that the passion in the young generation will be transmitted to other individuals. This is the only way the next generation will be stronger than the previous ones.

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Daniel Taub has discussed his interpretation of the nuclear deal between Iran and the UN. As the ambassador from Israel to the United Kingdom he believes the new alliance possible between Israel and the Middle East is a means of countering the threat caused by the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

He stated Israel does not believe the Geneva accord will prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. He believes previously unacceptable radical partnerships may become a reality in the future.

He also stated there may be cooperation between Israel and the Sunni countries concerned about Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Daniel Taub does not believe Israel is the only one with concerns. He said many countries are in agreement and the immediate differences must be put aside to align the fundamental strategies. This could result in a deepening of these relationships.

He believes these relationships may be successful in spite of any outstanding disputes because the current changes are forcing numerous countries to consider making new choices. He believes this will create partnership opportunities for Israel. He spoke of a potential relationship with areas in the Middle East interested in the development of prosperity.

Daniel Taub additionally spoke about the still healthy relationship between Israel and the Western allies. He stated Israel still believes the deal is not taking the right direction. He said not only will this not prevent Iran from becoming nuclear it will not even slow them down.

He believes the deal will not affect the infrastructure of Iran because the centrifuges, plutonium reactor and military all remain standing. His concern is when the six months end Iran will be even closer to becoming nuclear. He said the agreement already has fundamental differences between the Western powers and Iran and this will be problematic. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Many of the Israeli people are angry over the agreement. The thought process is if in five years time a nuclear bomb is triggered from a suitcase in Madrid or New York the cause will be the signing of the deal.

Daniel Taub does not disagree with this philosophy and has chosen to consider the deal carefully. He believes many of the elements have been oversold and do not have the significance seen at first glance.

One aspect regarding the signing of the deal is Israel now believes the United States is no longer one of their closest allies. They feel there are potential allies that may be of much more importance.

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Born in 1962 in the beautiful country of Great Britain, Daniel Taub had made it his top priority to become the Ambassador for the United Kingdom. He is a truly experienced man, a graduate of Oxford and Harvard Universities.

In a recent article, published back in November of 2013, Daniel Taub expresses deep concern to the United Kingdom and the world of the repercussions of the Geneva deal that is aimed towards the Isreali states. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

This deal mainly concerns the threat of acquiring a nuclear weapon on Iran’s part. For Daniel, this is pressuring him and his allies, concerned that everything will be thrown off-kilter because of this one threat of this bomb ever coming to fruition.

Daniel Taub is passionate about his stance on these issues. He aims to keep the land he supports and protects safe from anyone trying to impose or intrude. Taub has dealt with so man political issues ever since he had been elected into office. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

When it comes to war and other diplomatic problems when they arise, he has a full experience. In 2011, he was appointed to be Isreal’s ambassador with his main focus being on trade matters. Dealing with other countries at the time was harsh and uncertain.

Ever since the beginning, Daniel Taub had a deep interest in foreign ministry and thought that he should go and try it, yet he did not know that he would wind up in that field of work. Each day for him is something adventurously different as he manages them.

There are so many aspects to juggle through only one week, from religious issues to the diplomacy that rises up on a daily basis.

What makes Daniel even more amazing is the fact is that he enjoys doing his job, even when it seems to get hectic or frightening when issues start to hit him.

Taub is a truly trusted individual. On top of his game and he is going to work it all the way through for as long as he can. He is one of the people who know which matters come first, for the good of the country he is in.