September 30, 2016 · Jobs To Homeless, News · (No comments)

From the front page of the Impact section of Huffington Post, an author profiles and informs viewers about how Albuquerque, New Mexico is employing homeless populations in a unique, uplifting way. The article is titled “This City Has Given Over 900 Jobs To Homeless Panhandlers,” and here’s the link to that original article. According to accounts in the article, many of the homeless people who have been employed in the New Mexico city are grateful to have their new job, and they’re trying to give it their best shot in order to remain employed. The remainder of this article will summarize their accounts and the Huffington Post’s take on this change.

Jobs For Homeless In New Mexico

It sounds like a great idea to give people asking for money a chance to make an honest living, and many of the homeless people who were given these opportunities were happy to jump at the chance to be a valued part of their community. It appears that they had lived their lives for so long in a state of ruin that they were unsure if they could ever actually be employed again. Luckily, town folk and politicians in Albuquerque were able to find a solution, and hopefully other states and other politicians will find inspiration to do the same thing for the homeless populations in their cities.

The following video discusses this new trend going on in New Mexico:
That video can also be found here.

The Mayor in Albuquerque thought of the program and calls it “There’s A Better Way.” It’s a simple concept, but it has surely done amazing things for the town.