April 6, 2018 · John Brown · (No comments)

John Brown was an important figure in the fight to end slavery in the United States. He spent a good deal of time in the state of Kansas especially in the area near Osawatomie, KS which is not far from Kansas City.

In 1911, a marble statue of John Brown was erected in the Quindaro area of Kansas City. During the time just before the Civil War, Quindaro was well-known in abolitionist circles. It was a place where those in the abolition movement gathered. The community was also an important stop used by the Underground Railroad to bring slaves to freedom.

This week, the marble statue of John Brown was vandalized. Swastikas, and other racist graffiti, were painted on the monument. The vandalism was discovered by a local historian who was leading a study group that was looking at the monument and other parts of the Quindaro ruins.

The incident was reported to the police. The police have not identified who the culprits in this incident are.

A member of the local community who has a business that removes graffiti has stepped forward to clean up the statue. This service will be provided at no cost.

Those in the community around the monument are very upset about this incident. The statue cost $5,000 when it was originally constructed. Many people at that time gave very small contributions to contribute to making the monument a reality.

The Quindaro site is located around the area of 27th Street and Sewell in Kansas City, KS. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.