October 22, 2016 · 75th Birthday, Joyce Wong · (No comments)

A group of skateboarders recently held a birthday party. It wasn’t just the traditional party for one of the people in the group. Joyce Wong was the guest of honor. Several people gathered together at Italian Garden in Hastings Park. Most of the people in attendance had a skateboard with them. They celebrated Joyce because she had collected cans from the park.


The skateboarders were throwing Wong her 75th birthday party because they are astonished at the number of cans that she collected on the premises of where they would skate. Many of the guests had on a black shirt with a white picture of Wong’s face on the front. There are also spray paintings on the bowl of the park to celebrate Wong’s birthday. When everyone started singing to her, she had tears in her eyes. Members of the community came together to make her feel good and to show their appreciation to her for picking up so many cans in the park. She also collected bottles with her husband at the park. Wong attends most of the events held there and tries to make it to all of the competitions, even those that are out of state. She has been able to put her children through school and go to China with the money that she has got for recycling cans and bottles. Wong is a woman who cares about the city. She believes that it takes an effort from everyone involved to take care of the community.