The social media celebrity and rapper Kanye West entered Trump Tower on Tuesday. Reporters from many news outlets were there to observe the event in New York City. Their cameras captured him entering the lobby around 9:15. For this occasion, he went without the majority of his entourage. Notably absent was Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife. It has been said that the two are having marriage difficulty after she was robbed in Paris, and he suffered a nervous breakdown while on stage at one of his concerts.


Kanye headed upstairs to speak with Trump in private. After their time alone together, they emerged downstairs together around 9:55. Trump told reporters that he and Kanye were now buddies, and he felt that Kanye is a good man. He pointed at Kanye while doing so. They had a vibrant discussion about life and each other’s affairs.


The reporters then turned their attention to Kanye West and asked them a few questions. He stood with a big smile on his face though he kept his arms folded in an unopen posture. Kanye commented that he wished he could freeze this moment in time by taking a picture of it. From there, the two men parted ways. Trump told Kanye to take care of himself and to visit again soon.


Kanye failed to vote in the recent election, but he claims to have been a Trump supporter. He was hospitalized for more than a week not long ago due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion. You may read more about Kanye’s meeting with President-Elect Trump here.