June 24, 2015 · Kardashians · (No comments)

Kylie Jenner is one of the youngest jet setters in the Kardashian home, and while she may be just 17, she is making a name for herself and out to take the spot as the most talked about Jenner. For the past year Kylie has been one of the most talked about and hated girl on the internet, not only is everyone jealous of her instant fame and success, but the fact that she has somehow managed to have a smoking hot older man as her boyfriend, own businesses and a mansion all before turning 18 is enough to make most people reevaluate where they are spending their time.

Last weekend Kylie was taking over Miami as she showed up to promote The Sugar Factory’s opening, and the sugar wasn’t the most talked about thing at the event says Ivan Ong in this article. Kylie’s super sexy black dress was the only thing anyone was interested in, and her cleavage is still being talked about all over social media.

Just a few hours to break the internet and now Kylie is once again being envied as photos of her and Tyga in the airport on their way to Europe make it’s rounds. Apparently Kylie and Tyga while refusing to confirm or deny a relationship, are totally down to walk around in matching outfits and sneakers. The #relationshipgoals hashtag has not had a moment’s rest since. Kylie is not about to let anyone forget her name and Tyga can’t seem to get enough of his favorite girl.