March 7, 2018 · KIRO 7, Seattle · (No comments)

KIRO 7, a local television network in the city of Seattle, has given back to its viewers in a very big way. After airing a story about the medical debt of several people in the state of Washington, the station purchased over a million dollars in outstanding fees, relieving the financial burden previously imposed on over a thousand people.

According to the KIRO 7 report, the station “worked with a company out of New York called RIP Medical Debt. They made the purchase on our behalf and we do not know who is getting relief, so it could cover just one doctor’s visit or one test.”

Those who received debt relief can now expect to receive a yellow envelope in the mail with the KIRO 7 logo on it, informing them of their new found luck.

KIRO 7 was assisted in the mission to relieve the debt of people across the state by the generous donations of thousands of viewers, all of whom were eager to help after watching a heartbreaking story about families going into bankruptcy after an illness.

As it turns out, according to their findings, “medical debt is the number one cause for personal bankruptcy” in the United States, and despite the passing of laws and the coverage of insurance companies, it still shatters thousands of lives each and every year.

While the generosity of KIRO 7 will certainly help improve the lives of many people suffering from medical debt, it is only a drop in the bucket of a larger problem. If you would like to assist in the mission to alleviate the pain of medical debt from those affect, feel free to check out and give as much or as little as you can!