A new bridge called the Kosciuszko Bridge was recently unveiled in New York City, and few motorists had the chance to test the bridge connecting Queens and Brooklyn. The bridge was unveiled by the New York governor Andrew Cuomo. During the opening ceremony, highly elected officials graced the occasion that had marching bands as well as a guard of honor. To grace the occasion fully, the New York Governor crossed the bridge with a 1932 Packard that belonged to the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This new bridge is not far away from the old Kosciuszko Bridge and has three lanes on each side.


This means that the old Kosciuszko Bridge will be demolished by the end of this year to allow the construction of modern bridges. While the first section of the project was expensive costing the city $550 million, the second phase is expected to cost around $220 million. The most interesting thing about the new bridge is that it’s the first cable-stayed bridge in the City of New York. In the past few years, the city of New York has embarked on the journey of replacing old infrastructure that was built in the early 1950s. The governor of New York said that the city had been relying on the legacy of their parents and this had to change.


Other projects that are expected to begin soon include the construction of new runways at the LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport. The governor of New York says that these two projects will act as a beginning of infrastructural development in the city. However, the official opening of the Kosciuszko Bridge is expected to happen later this month during the New York Harbor of Lights. The state of the art facility has being constructed using modern technology and even received federal funding.