A 9-year-old boy named Andrew Emergy in South Carolina managed to raise over $6,000 by selling lemonade. The funds will go towards helping the Andrew’s brother, who is named Dylan. Andrew raised a total of $5,850 for Dylan. The funds will be added to the $1,300 that the family raised from a benefit concert. They also raised $5,600 from Gofundme.

Dylan suffers from Krabbe Disease. This is a rare disease that affects the nervous system. Dylan and Andrew’s parents have created a Facebook page called Team DYLAN.

Dylan’s parents have stated that they are thankful for the prayers, donations, phone calls and well-wishes. They also stated that they will never be able to repay people for all of the kind things that they have done for the family. Dylan is currently being treated at a hospital in Pittsburgh. The family is waiting to get advice from the specialists.

Andrew stated that he wanted to do everything that he could to help. He stated that it his duty to help because Dylan is his brother. Not only does Andrew want to help pay for his brother’s medical bills, but he also wants to buy his brother a teddy bear.

Andrew’s good deeds have not gone unnoticed. Jeanie Davis is a teacher at Woodsfield Elementary, which is the school that Andrew attends. She stated that everyone is praying for Dylan, and they will do everything that they can to help Andrew. The Emergy family plans on having a barbecue to raise money on June 2.