Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has just approved a package consisting of almost $7 million to help reduce felony charges to misdemeanors. These funds will go toward a one-year campaign which will reach half a million people who qualify to have their felony charges reclassified as misdemeanors.

According to Los Angeles Daily News, this is now allowed under Proposition 47. The funds will be applied to pay for town hall meetings, mailers, and an information line. Having a felony record changed to a misdemeanor is likely to help many former convicts find jobs since only a handful a employers would hire a convicted felon.

Proposition 47 was approved by the voters in 2014. It allows criminal records of nonviolent felonies, including drug possession and theft under $950, to be changed to misdemeanors.

“Although Prop. 47 was passed by voters in November 2014, the level of awareness in the community and among eligible clients is unknown,” claims a report issued by LA County’s Chief Executive Office.

So the aim of this multi-million dollar program is to make those convicted aware about the potential of having their old records changed for better. Some critics, however, say that law enforcement officials claim that those who get released under Proposition 47 tend to commit crimes again.

Some criminals might even choose to commit crimes which carry lesser penalties. Nevertheless, Proposition 47 gives a second chance to the convicts.